Exploring other Paths as part of Heathenry

What is Heathenry Missing?

I know a number of people doing this.  It is a matter of finding tool sets that work and adapting them.  I really like the car restoration analogy.  I find much power in the exercise based work and meditation I do such as mantras and songs during running.  We are missing tools and details and they HAVE to come from somewhere.


2 responses to “Exploring other Paths as part of Heathenry”

  1. Loki's Little Hippie Witch says :

    I liked that analogy, too. I’m “guilty” of not being a purist. I’ve stumbled around trying to piece things together to find what works for me. One theory I have is that I’m being reintroduced to Deities, cultures, and techniques I’ve met and been part of before in previous lives. (I’m in the reincarnation camp.) While I started my polytheist path as a Heathen, specifically Lokean, I now find myself in the company of Egyptians, Greeks, and Celts as well as the Norse. I’m still trying to figure all that out! 😉

  2. facingthefireswithin says :

    Our ancestors were not “pure”. They traveled all over the world and saw many things. In general, polytheists show no evidence of being worried about “purity”.

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