Know what your enemy is reading

I have been familiar with the Turner Diaries for years after McVeigh but it is worth knowing what stories your enemies tell themselves.


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2 responses to “Know what your enemy is reading”

  1. caelesti says :

    I just read that article as well. I’m more interested in reading books that can be interpreted more than one way politically- Lord of the Rings, for example is also popular among some of that same crowd, as are many Romantic-influenced forms of art/lit/music. How can we share our enjoyment of these works while also steering fandom of various kinds towards justice & liberation?

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      Tolkein came up in the thread I took this from with a discussion of the institutional and cultural racism inherent in his work. I think we have to be aware of the limits of any work and how to present them to others. Tolken is a good example. What were some others you were thinking of?

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