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Nietzsche, the Alt Right and Nazis

Spencer is not a very intelligent man or a deep thinker.  It is likely worth giving Nietzsche another read.



A New Paper on Modern Heathenry/Asatru

There was, apparently, a small conference for international heathenry in Potsdam and this paper came from that.  He proposes a public theological approach.  It is at least worth reading.

Wise Thoughts on Death and Dying

I was asked to write an article about death from a Heathen perspective. There is rather a lot written about the esoteric nature of death, about the soul, our conception of mortality in heathenry, and much of it has been done by far more skilled authors and priests than myself. I have little to contribute […]

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What does it mean to be Heathen?

There are a number of expressions that come to mind. Reconstructionist, that is seeking to properly understand and grasp within its original cultural context, our ancestral practice. Rebuilding our altars, once only a metaphor, and now actual construction. We seek to return to something that was taken from our ancestors years ago, and […]

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Duty to Horror

What is the duty of the artist, poet or storyteller in the face of horror?

The actual philosophy of Stoicism is not actually mentioned, but the question is important.