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The Resurgence of Old School Hate

Obviously, Neo-Nazi groups are more of an immediate identification issue with heathens but we need to be aware of all hate groups and their influence. I also feel we have to view history with a national lens, which means Americans need to accept our own history.  On that side, I highly recommend the recent film: The Free State of Jones. It is a different narrative than what we are often taught.  A good article on the history of the event is here:

Depression, PTSD and Suicide

If a friend is hurting, and you know, try as hard as you can to reach out and lift them a bit. You may not get another chance. I know it can be very hard to tell sometimes, but try if you can. It is worth the effort.

You will regret it more if you never try.  Sometimes people are so deep that they cannot be reached, but you won’t know if you do not try.

Mass Murder and Men

The article is a bit too vague for my tastes but raises a point I have made elsewhere.  These attacks are mostly made by men choosing lethal means to express dominance and rage.  At some point, men (and those in their lives) need to accept this and find better answers.

Your ego CANNOT be so fragile that you think striking or killing someone for a slight is acceptable.

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”

We have been taught forms of masculinity that lead to violent existential crises. That has to stop.  No, that will not fix everything.  It will fix some things.

It also ties back to this:

How a record of abuse might point further

I write about abuse and the victims.  It may turn out that being an abuser is a warning sign of darker future actions.  In that case, we need to be more aware of this and find ways for local municipalities to better deal with such problems.

Hail Freya, words well said

In Orlando Florida, the Pulse nightclub was getting ready to celebrate Latin night, but it was not to be. Omar Mateen had other plans. An American born of refugee parents, he came to Pulse with the intention of killing as many gay men as possible, answering the call of ISIS to do so during Ramadan. […]

via Taking the Pulse of Hatred — mainer74

Love is Love

Hail Freya, Lady, Vanadis!

People were slain for who they love and, from what we know, no other reason.

Their sacred place was broken by weapons, a typical Vanir and holy restriction:

Freya, may you help us to honor these who have fallen and can never stand again.

Freya, remind us that Love is sacred and no one should have to suffer or die just for who they love.

Freya, guide me in how I support others.

Rape, Rage and Vengeance

So, this.  This came across other social media and I thought this was worth reading and honoring as you see fit.  This action was dangerous and could have ended up with the avengers dead if the rapist had a gun to hand.  I also have mixed feelings about vengeance in our modern world but I truly do understand the rage and feel we have to accept and recognize that.

If this offends you, start calling out prosecutors on processing rape kits and improving their prosecution of rape and NEVER second guess a woman’s story.

Hail Freya, Lady, Vanadis.  May a woman’s right to her person never be questioned.