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The unsung journeyman

We remember the famous and the flashy ones in life, not the journeyman who goes to work everyday and makes all the rest happen.

While this is specific to boxing, I think it also is an example of one of the lessons of Heimdall and Hermod: Just Keep Going.

That can mean a lot of things and a lot of training to just “do your job”, whatever that may be.

More on story and Myth

This ties to other things I have read on the power of story and fiction and their relation to myth. I recommend it.

An article on the power of meditation

I find that even five minutes a day tied to longer term work is beneficial.

As this keeps coming up, my fast meditation is:

1) Remove shoes

2) Optional reading (Could be almost anything from the Havamal to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to poetry to Frankenstein.)

3) 9 deep breaths in and out and 9 “Heimdall, Himdallr, Vindler, Rig”

4) 4 deep breaths in and out and 4 “Freya, Lady, Vanadis”

5) 9 deep breaths in and out and:

Hermod, Hel rider

Hermod, Sleipnir rider

Hermod, Nine Days rider

Hermod, Nine Nights rider

Hermod, Frigga’s rider

Hermod,  Frigga’s speaker

Hermod, Brave rider

Hermod, Dark rider

Hermod, Hel rider (sometimes 3 times)

6) 7 deep breaths followed by:

The Hag of the Iron Wood had three children,

And the daughter was death,

The son was destruction,

And the third encircled the world.

Roots of a mountain

Beard of a woman

Spittle of a bird

Breath of a fish

Footfall of a cat

Nerves of a bear

For Fenris must me chained (seize wrist)

Or chaos will be king (grab shoulder)

7) Close with Hails to Aesir, Vanir, ancestors, philosophers and specific deities as applicable

All of the above being self created over the last three years based on many influences.

Another site linking to me

I was surprised and honored to find that this writing:

Apparently struck a chord here:

I had to go back and re-read to determine where I was on this (and fix a grammatical error) but find that it is still very true, even if the deities called for inspiration vary more now.  I do try to meditate as close to daily as I can and frequently ask for inspiration.  I see the doing of deeds to be my responsibility.