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Deconstructing Brisingamen

Deconstructing the Brisingamen Myth

I thought I had posted this but a friend sent it to me and I could not find that I had.  I fair article on Freya.

Hail Freya!

Heathenry, Deeds and Justice

Column: What Do Your Deeds Make You?

I had read of Lorne Ahrens and seen several of the “articles” referred to and even passed them to a contact or two.  I do think that perceptions of us as racists are problematic and that our beliefs should inform our actions.

Jefferson credited Common Law with Heathen origins and NOT Christian ones:

You may not agree entirely with the writer, but it is food for thought.

A Prayer for my Divided Nation

Things are looking dark right now, and many friends feel that.  I have seen swirling anger at levels that I cannot remember before and friends deeply divided in many directions.  Rage and violence are in many places. I fear I may lose friends as well.  In meditation this morning, and after, I wrote this:

Hail Heimdall! Help those who must keep the watch and remind them to do it well as well as to remember ALL of their duties.

Hail Hermod! Let those who must bear the memories and stories of the dead be inspired to carry that duty well.

Hail Tyr! Remind us that Rage, even Righteous Rage, can be the Fire that engulfs us all. “For Fenris must be chained, or Chaos will be King!”

Hail Freya! Remind us that the Passions we all bear do us credit, but can sometimes go too far.  I call on you as Cup Bearer to remind us to meet in Hall and not in battle.

Hail the Gods! Hail the Ancestors! Hail the Philosophers and Voices of Reason that I hope we can hear!

A new “Luminary” in the White Supremacist world

The Most Important White Supremacist Of 2016

I am afraid I don’t really have any comments beyond the articles other than I think we, as heathens, need to watch for these folks tying themselves to some of our beliefs and be aware that we could end up tarred with their brush.

The Resurgence of Old School Hate

Obviously, Neo-Nazi groups are more of an immediate identification issue with heathens but we need to be aware of all hate groups and their influence. I also feel we have to view history with a national lens, which means Americans need to accept our own history.  On that side, I highly recommend the recent film: The Free State of Jones. It is a different narrative than what we are often taught.  A good article on the history of the event is here: