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A poem I found on anger

A poem I found on anger

While I would not agree with all of it, the poem talks about anger as a defense mechanism.  I will be writing a future post on the price of anger that ties a bit into this.

Heathen Ethics, Part 7: The Ten Guiding Tempers

A different view of heathen ethics. There should not be holy books in our way and we should be more philosophical. I liked this and want to re-read it periodically.

Kvasir Amongst the Gods

Quite some time ago, I talked about my issues with the Nine Noble Virtues.  I had a lot of issues with them too, but that wasn’t because I was against the existence of an ethical code; I was against how the NNV was established and the role it fulfills in Heathenry today.  It was created using the Havamal as the penultimate ethical source that it never was intended to be, and it was presented as the wisdom of our ancestors when our ancestors never head heard of it.  The collected wisdom and ethical thew of our spiritual fore-bearers, reduced down to a handful of words chosen by their superficial connection to a few pieces of good advice that existed in a document that is presented as the Tao of the Norse without a single quantifying statement.*

i1232892707_1A while back, I presented a few guidelines that I thought any proper Heathen…

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See a Therapist

So, this has come up a time or two either when I was presenting or talking to someone:

See a therapist, have a physician.  I am a layman with a spiritual path.  If you are having serious anger issues, seek professional help.

In general, if you are wrestling with:

  1. Anger/Rage
  2. PTSD
  3. Suicidal Ideation


Talking to friends is good.  Talking to a spiritual counselor is good.  You still need a professional.  I am speaking from personal experience here.

If this does not apply to you, there is still something you can do:


We need to remove the stigma from mental illness.  There should be no difference in seeking a therapist than in seeing an endocrinologist and certainly no judgement.