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2014 Paper on Berserkir

The work is long but potentially useful and sees the word “berserkir” as more akin to “champion” and the methods being battle preparation and intimidation rather than actual frenzy.

Religion and Politics in Heathenry

I attempt to keep politics to a minimum here but the author points out why this can be hard.  He is right, we must live WITHIN the world and that comes with dealing what is, not what we want.

An Article on Facist Infiltration

It deals mostly with a different community but does mention the AFA and McNallen.  You may wish to skip the last portion, depending on your views of economics and politics.

Shapeshifters: The Paganism of Identity and the Danger of Fascist Infiltration

Note on Failed White Supremacists New Group

Note that their emblem is a cruciform sword and crown crossing a Wolfsangel in a method similar to bind runes.

I know nothing further but thought it was worth noting.


Interfaith Challenges – “Common Ground” Isn’t

I strongly feel that Hospitality is the most important Heathen Virtue, by whatever means you use to define or measure.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Much of my work is interfaith either deliberately or incidentally. Representing small, mostly-modern, polytheistic, animistic, sex-positive, radically inclusive faith traditions in a context where most folks are at best quietly politically moderate, and almost entirely monotheistic, presents a number of challenges.

You’d think the biggest would be the polytheist vs. monotheist gap, and I suppose it could be if I pushed the polytheism more in those contexts, but mostly I don’t. I’m well aware that it takes more than explanations to get someone’s brain to flip that particular switch, and I don’t see any reason why they should be obliged to understand, as long as they aren’t rude when they don’t. Most aren’t rude – or are least not intentionally.

What I find to be the biggest conflict is actually the constant push to find “Common Ground”. It’s pretty easy for Christians to find common ground amongst themselves, and not…

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Decoding Slut

Hail Freya! As always, his words are wise and insightful. While I would not call myself a Freya’s man (my web of god devotions is too nuanced for me to be tied to a single Deity anymore), the power of the story of Brisingamen ties strongly to how I pursue many things. Do not buy into myths of virginity or that sex makes a woman valueless. As he points out, that doesn’t make you great either. Honor Love freely given and denounce rape and sex taken by force or deceit. Even Odin could not compel sex from Her. Remember that.


man-woman-at-barRecently I heard a joke which seemed to both capture our societal attitude towards female sexuality, and struck me in a very heathen sense as being deeply wrong. The joke compared men to keys and women to locks and concluded that a man whose key opens many locks is awesome, while I woman whose lock opened to many keys was worthless.

Everyone seemed to find it funny, but what strikes me as strange funny, rather than amusing funny, is this joke would make total sense to ISIS, whose belief that women are property can thus view a woman’s sexuality as being her husband’s property, and infringing on those property rights would make that property less valuable.  As deeply offensive as that attitude is, it is at least consistent with their misogynist ethic.

Whether you stone sluts or merely make jokes about them, the acceptance that women who have the same…

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Exploring other Paths as part of Heathenry

What is Heathenry Missing?

I know a number of people doing this.  It is a matter of finding tool sets that work and adapting them.  I really like the car restoration analogy.  I find much power in the exercise based work and meditation I do such as mantras and songs during running.  We are missing tools and details and they HAVE to come from somewhere.