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As Rage is sometimes the result of abuse and this technique can be very hard for the victim to perceive, here is a short explanation:

If you think this is happening to you, you need to find an uninvolved third party and likely a therapist.

Hermod for a friend

I was asked to call Hermod for a friend who died recently to intercede to Hel for an easy passage. As part of that offering, I referred back to this promise:

In addition to that offering, I will be thinking of my friend during the night portion and offering specific drinks to Hermod and my friend in the coming years.  I also gave him gifts to pass to Hel.  No ambassador should ever be sent empty handed.

I will leave all the other stories for other places but I wanted to record the Hermod elements.

Why we need to worry about racist heathens

Because, we will be tarred with things like this:

Now, these people had nothing to do with us but serious people who are good friends of mine who are black, jewish, gay or other minorities see these things first.  Sure, it isn’t fair but neither were lumping all Muslims together, beating up and shooting Sikhs or blaming Jews for the world economy.

Watch them, reject them and act against them where you can.