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A quote from a friend

A friend and person I have discussed these issues with recently said the following in relation to a discussion on anger/Rage and gave me permission to use it:

The greatest lie the civilized world has sold us is that rage has no place in its world. Rage has no place for a stable society; however, rage has a place when it comes time to destabilize and change that environment.

This very much fits part of the message I see and wish to get across.  Anger HAS a place and a purpose.  It is what we DO that defines us as successful adults.  My work here is about using anger and Rage to a positive end.

Rage Work Symbol

Rage Work Symbol

The symbol is a bind rune using the Elder Futhark of Tiwaz, Kenaz and Uruz. It symbolizes Honor binding Wisdom and Fury and is the symbol I use to represent the Work of this blog.