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Meditations on Freya and Abuse

Ties to these previous posts:

And to this Japanese process/philosophy:

Freya is frequently associated with gold and some think Gullveig is actually a metaphor for purifying gold:

I have firmly found that her message of Worth and Sovereignty ties directly to abuse and helping those abused to be stronger.  In research and meditation, I found (or remembered) Kintsugi above.  The idea that a thing that has broken can be stronger and more beautiful when repaired than it was before.  Our scars define us but need not weaken us.


1) This kind of work will wear you down.  Have a plan to take care of yourself and heal.  Put on your own oxygen mask first.

2) This kind of work may attract other people looking for your help.  In that case, see Rule #1.

3) This kind of work may cause you to see darkness and pain where you did not before.  In that case, see Rule #1.

4)The person coming to you may be looking at your life for a baseline of a healthy life.  Your example matters.

5) Despite Rules 1-3, you are much stronger than you think.

Hail Freya!

Honor to anyone who stands to help one who has fallen.

Never Mind (poem by Leonard Cohen)

I first heard this as a song on the second season of True Detective but I think parts of the poem can resonate for Heathens, the loss of the old ways, hiding in plain sight and other things (“Our law of peace”).


The war was lost
The treaty signed
I was not caught
I crossed the line

I had to leave
My life behind
I had a name
But never mind

Your victory
Was so complete
That some among you
Thought to keep

A record of
Our little lives
The clothes we wore
Our pots our knives

The games of luck
Our soldiers played
The stones we cut
The songs we made

Our law of peace
Which understands
A husband leads
A wife commands

And all of this
Expressions of
The High Indifference
Some call Love

The High Indifference
Some call Fate
But we had Names
More intimate

Names so deep
and Names so true
They’re lost to me
And dead to you

There is no need
That this survive
There’s truth that lives
And truth that dies

There’s truth that lives
And truth that dies
I don’t know which
So never mind

I could not kill
The way you kill
I could not hate
I tried I failed

No man can see
The vast design
Or who will be
Last of his kind

The story’s told
With facts and lies
You own the world
So never mind

And, while we are on Hate and Irrationality…

This was posted by a gay acquaintance as an example of why LGBT people might fear Christians.  I would also say that anyone from a minority religion, such as heathens, could share that fear.  Is it unreasonable for me to worry about an armed threat such as this one or the Jade Helm lunatics in Texas?  Would they not hate us as much as clearly out LGBT people if they knew us?

I would also argue that it means that those of us who came from certain fundamentalist sects need to check ourselves for such reactions.  If you were raised by someone screaming quotes from Ezekiel about abominations from the King James version of the Bible, it might have left a mark.

You Bloody Morons

Please leave your misguided, hateful pseudo-fundamentalist BS to yourselves and quit thinking you are speaking for others.  I wonder how many of you live in your parents’ basements?

I am sorry to hear that The Ásatrúarfélag Association has suffered such threats and that their hospitality has been insulted and threatened.  I hope that they realize such threats are toothless and issued by people with little worth.