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Heathenry and the Military

Heathens can finally be open in the military.  Good news, albeit VERY long in coming.

Duty to Horror

What is the duty of the artist, poet or storyteller in the face of horror?

The actual philosophy of Stoicism is not actually mentioned, but the question is important.

I missed this event – Fascists and Antifa in Berkeley

The above article is from Esquire and deals with violent protests in Berkeley over the weekend.  I include it for white supremacy as well as reports of and Odinist banner.  I am assuming that is supposed to be a Norse sun symbol, although it is only part of one.

Something like this:



I can certainly see that being used by hardcore Odinists and one can find a fair amount of support for that in online sites.

For the most part, my interests here are informational at this point as I get news feeds from many sources.

An article on the same event:

Merging of MRAs and Alt-Right

I had noticed this before but here is decent article on the phenomenon.  I do not have a lot of commentary on this one but post it to have articles in one place.

As a reference, you can find all of my hate related links and posts here: