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How Bullies Work

Something similar happened to me a few years ago.  I will add that someone who knows a bit more about you can do even greater harm but remember, they are on the internet and likely have no way to actually harm you.  (I grant that some can.  This is NOT supporting doxxing.)

Don’t read too much into raging idiots.  They are punching blindly and happened to connect. Keep your guard up and keep doing what you are doing.

Stealing Victory From the Dead

As always, his words are quite brilliant. I really have nothing to add.




I had a co-worker today who came to me in the verge of tears because she is losing a friend to dementia, and is having to accept charge of him, and his affairs, as his ability to care for himself slips away, and he slides from the vital life she shared with him, towards a death that promises to strip him of dignity, ability, and even sentience before the merciful embrace of Hel takes him to the mound, and his ancestors.   While he yet owns his mind, at least for periods, he is taking pains to let those he loves know what he has provided for them with his passing.  From failing hands, he offers a last gift to those he loves, before all power to aid those he cares about, or even recognize them, is stripped from him.

Out of love for the man, she strives to refuse…

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An article on Freya and Gullveig

It relates back a bit to this post:

While my practice and devotion is not tied to the mystical side of Freya, as is that of others I know, I would be a fool to deny that side exists or that Freya and be terrifying in a number of ways that are less an issue for my practice.  I also feel from of that fear comes from a fear of lust and female power.  I don’t share that fear and see far more danger from male power than female.  We seem to hold women guilty of what we do upon seeing them.  That is hardly their responsibility.  Being a man means being responsible for one’s own choices and actions.

An article relating to recent events in Iceland and Heathenry worldwide

First the article:

This ties to other posts:

It is worth remembering that how people in the US express heathenry, asatru, northern tradition or whatever else do not need to be directly related to practices in Iceland nor affected by extremist lunatics.

Remember, extreme Abrahamics are a threat to any polytheists.

While I dislike fundamentalism in all forms, I see the greatest threat to polytheists being from fundamentalist Christian and Muslim sects.  ISIS may be an extreme example but there are lesser versions.  In this extreme view, those “not of the book” cannot pay jizya and are infidels.  Men must be killed and women sold into slavery.  In ISIS’ case, there is an entire bureaucracy involved.

So, I would be killed and the women in my life sold.

While I admit the Christians are not as bad, they would also deny my rights as a person.

May Heimdall keep us vigilant.

Anger. Anger actually blinds you

We talk about seeing red.  There is a truth to that and what anger and the fight part of fight/flight can do to us.  While I did not ever fire a shotgun into a group of people, I do remember a time I came close to homicide for something far stupider (a snow bank) with a large blade.  Much of the work that needs to be done inside is finding ways to handle that blind rage without harming another.

This article is long, thought provoking and sometimes hard to read.  If you are doing prison work, it is doubly worth reading.


Hate by Pensacola Police

While this is against Wicca, don’t think that overly conservative and poorly educated police departments can’t use variations of “Satanic Panic” to harm us as well.