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E Pluribus Unum

Source: E Pluribus Unum

Very much worth remembering.  Including that it takes more for us to put all of ours down.  😉

Activists as Warriors

I was advised when I started this blog to see it as writing a sermon, with completely thought out points and a lot of preparation.  It is true that some of my writing reflects that suggestion while many of the re-blogged posts would be less an example of that principle.  This writing is a bit more “off the cuff” than others.

Heathenry tends to be inspired by a lot of Iron Age stories and myths that come from a more active warrior tradition than modern life demands.  We tend to honor warrior ideals a lot and you can end up with a sort of toxic machismo and “boys club” as a result. Only recently, many likely celebrated something akin to an Einherjar Blot or other ceremony for honoring war dead and veterans.  I have certainly hosted a number in the past and would have this year if other family emergencies had not intervened.  We honor military service and many heathens I know are ex-military.

However, for at least six months I have begun to wonder if that is enough.  Heathens are more likely to be more towards the right of the American political spectrum and dismissive of protests and activism. Some are even bigoted against LGBT citizens and their activism.  I would counter that activism takes incredible courage.  Facing heavily armed men with no weapons at all is not a minor act of bravery.  Your only defenses are the hope someone else gets hit first and that the people with the guns will show restraint.  I think we should at least consider the courage to face power with no weapons at all and I think I will honor such people in the future.

The urge to finally write this came from this article:

And the awareness shown in this one, which I have been recently trying to address:

Of course, this all ties back to my previous writings below:

An update on the Wolves of Vinland story

Tying back to this post:

I still am not happy with how the SPLC refers to things but this could have been worse:

At this point, federal court documents say Doyle and Chaney III “and others known and unknown to the FBI ascribe to a white supremacy extremist version of the Asatru faith.” It is a form of Odinism — a neo-Pagan religion that reveres various Norse gods, including Thor.

I have many friends who honor Odin but would counsel people to watch for the use of the term Odinist and ask the person a few questions to determine their interests. I certainly would not trust a stated Wotanist on the face of things.

This is the first time I have seen the Aryan Brotherhood mentioned directly.

Broken swords, and brand new boxes

Source: Broken swords, and brand new boxes

Well said, as always.  For any friends facing the same challenges and reminder for the rest of us.

If you make racist comments on my social media posts, I will treat you like a racist…because it is 2015.

I have posted about racist heathens recently and the obvious people like the Aryan Brotherhood who the author mentions. There are a number of good Muslim men in my life. I think I will demonstrate Hospitality to them. They are good fathers, husbands and workers and not responsible for ISIS or al Shabab or Boko Haram.

Dramatic Musings

This has been a tough 24 hours in social media. In the same day our province made a commitment to admit and help re-settle 1500 immigrants and refugees, and there was a horrific terror attack in Paris. Many have argued that a humanitarian effort is worthwhile for the refugees who desperately need safe haven. They also find the commitment to be worthwhile as we are a declining, aging, under-educated province desperately in need of an influx of people. Unfortunately many do not agree.  The trouble seems to be that this particular group is brown and in many cases they follow the teachings of Islam. To compound the issue, the attack in Paris (and Beirut and Bhagdad this past few days by the way), perpetrated by the very people these refugees are seeking asylum from, has sensitized a certain demographic of people already suspicious of those who look different. The result…

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Truth in Anger

There is Truth in Anger.

There is Veritas in Rage.

Honor that Truth and The Words Said in Burning Haste.

Hear the Voice Deep Inside with Respect.

Some Fires are NOT Hospitable.

I have a practice that involves a sort of physical trance often tied to working a boxing heavy bag (although sometimes running).  In facing several challenges this week, I went into one and a variation of this came to me.

What people say in Anger is a Truth, sometimes one for Activism but sometimes one for Avoidance.  Listen for both.