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Women get to be Angry too

This was prompted by this article:

Granted, that deals just with geeky TV shows but it makes a larger point.


I am far more likely to work with women on rage and anger issues than men.  While I feel our cultural ways of dealing with anger for both sexes (and those in-between) are terrible and create serious problems, the idea that women aren’t even allowed anger is absurd and ridiculous.

Please stop doing that.

Now I can get back to showing them how to use heavy bags and punching to work through all of that.

Thank you.


On Grief and Fate

Heathenry is often fatalistic and I think that is sometimes a good thing.  If nothing else, as polytheists with “imperfect” gods, we don’t blame our deities for everything that happens and don’t expect them to fix everything.  When someone is grieving, remember to give them that time and right.  Our ancestors did. Don’t fall for a new form of Social Darwinism.

Other victims of the Holocaust AND the Allies


After the war, homosexual concentration camp prisoners were not acknowledged as victims of Nazi persecution, and reparations were refused. Under the Allied Military Government of Germany, some homosexuals were forced to serve out their terms of imprisonment, regardless of the time spent in concentration camps. The 1935 version of Paragraph 175 remained in effect in the Federal Republic (West Germany) until 1969, so that well after liberation, homosexuals continued to fear arrest and incarceration.

Remember that, heathens, the next time you feel the urge to scream about terrible Ergi people.  We rightfully loathe how the Nazis darkened what we love.  Maybe we should give it a bit more thought.

AFA and reporting on Heathens from a flawed perspective

The article stands on its own.  I thank the author for all of their efforts, in spite of the reporter ignoring them.

Stephen McNallen has been problematic for years and I have, indeed, read Wotan vs. Tezcatlipoca: The Spiritual War for California and the Southwest” which does advocate a form of spiritual warfare.  While the AFA has locked that down, another version is here:

Don’t invoke Freya that way in MY name sir.  Thank you very much.


Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

I remember the words of my Elder:

Each telling you are creating the World anew.

Words have power, raw magic, refined magic

However they slide up the throat along

the shuddering chords

They seize ahold of us through the ears, the eyes

hold us because through them

we hold You, us, Worlds, Ancestors, vaettir

The whole body hears and feels

The cold pit in the stomach, the sweat on the brow, the widened eyes, fear,

The heat, creased forehead, gritted teeth, rage

Words crush the soul

Revive a religion

End lives

Join us to one another

Heal us

Make us










The telling creates the Worlds anew.

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A Prayer to Freya and some work and other words

I did some work for Freya this weekend.  I will leave the details out for now but it was a permanent offering involving an image.  As part of that work, I wrote the following for her:

Freya, Lady, Vanadis

Weeping Tears of Gold for Odr

Taker of Half the Slain

Taker of the Warrior’s Sacrifice




I thank you for your bounty and blessings

I thank you for the answer I would not see

Help me to show those who have Fallen…

How to Stand and tell their Stories

Hail Freya!

In addition, as part of my journey to this point, I recited the following:

Pain gives Injury

Injury gives Wounds

Wounds give Scars

Scars give Memory

Choice gives Good Scars

There was also singing and other things as well as support.

* This last is a reference to Chosen Ordeal rather than the kind listed in my previous post tying to Mainer74.