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Hail Freya!

It still being Friday and having just seen this, here are some pictures of her in her chariot:

Rage turned inwards

I have sometimes referred to suicide as rage turned inward.  I have felt that rage and remember considering gutting myself in front of an ex-girlfriend or holding a gun during a phone argument with another.  Sometimes, there is the belief that “Now, they’ll see my pain and SUFFER!”  There is also the feeling that you have no other way out.

I saw this article today, which looks at the Great Depression era, male suicides and what happens when we cannot resolve feeling stigmas that attack our identity.

I have learned to move past such rages, inward and out but, every day, others face that battle and lose.  I cannot claim to have the answer, other than to say two things:

1) You need to be ready to give people a hand up.  Sometimes, they just need a little help to stand.

2) You need to define yourself by more than what you do for a living.  That will change, sometimes drastically.

Are the voices in American heads more violent?

I am not sure what to make of this piece and will need to do more research but a comparison of the voices schizophrenics hear between countries shows different results.  Does this imply Americans have more rage issues?

Definitely food for thought.

Obviously I and most of my readers are not Catholic or even Christian.  I linked this because, even the freaking Pope is starting to see that Faith must live NOW and in the future and not be legalistically obsessed with the past.  Tell your local Lore Thumper and those turning Heathenry into Viking Southern Baptism.  

Building the Bifrost, Part 1: What Converting to Any Form of Norse Polytheism Kinda Sucks

Thoughts on issues with how we introduce new members to our communities.

Kvasir Amongst the Gods

This article originally started as  a piece concerning the lore, and how we could better assist new converts to Heathenry in understanding and interpreting it.  As I began writing, I realized that our efforts to guide people into being good Heathens are woefully lacking not only on this front, but on all fronts.  As such, let’s take a look at how people come to our faith and how we may have been letting them down.

Bat SumbelYou see, the first piece of advice that just about anyone will give a new Heathen is that they should study the lore.  That’s not bad advice, but it’s often the only advice that people are willing to give.  While I am definitely frustrated that we collectively set the bar for entry at ancient, translated texts which themselves are recounts made by biased scholarship of another faith that would have no interest in respecting the…

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Our ancestors traded EVERYWHERE

They made great swords by buying crucible steel from Afghanistan, just like they encountered and took advantage of so many things around the world.  They certainly married and bred all over the place.  Drop these foolish arguments about racial and cultural purity!  They are destructive and make us look like AB morons.

Yes, this is more of a rant than a longer considered post.  Yes, it is inspired by material going around the blogosphere but I decided to focus on a very small detail.

Our ancestors understood trade and supply chain management.  They took or bought the best of what they found.  They were not fools or close minded morons.  Don’t buy the arguments of those who want us to be some sort of white culture warriors.  Live your life well and be strong but recognize that value comes in many forms and to deny that weakens your own supply chain and gives you a weak sword.

Does the Internet make us angrier?

Remember the common joke: “Someone is wrong on the internet!”

I have been a victim of this and even got into a feud with a very dear friend for weeks before a companion gave me a trick for dealing with the issue and then I could not even remember what he said originally that upset me other than I took at as an attack on “my people”.  To be clear, at the time that was people who worked on a project with me and not some tribal or racial point of view.

Now, a Chinese study points to a strong possibility that the internet IS making us angrier:

So, what can you do?

1) Limit your time reading on the internet, especially certain social networks.

2) Get outside and walk, hike, et cetera

3) Breathe

4) Read things in a silly voice like Kermit the Frog

We CAN choose to control how we react.