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Evidence of Loki Worship

I am not a Loki worshipper but have not fallen into the post fundamentalist trap that I find many American Heathens have.  Food for thought.

The Professor in the Cage


A gift for Yule. The author also wrote The Storytelling Animal, which I highly recommend as storytelling (internally and externally) is part of what we all do.

The book follows the author’s quest to train for an MMA cage match, which he loses, and what he learns from that as well as the value of ritualistic combat and competition to males.  I think it is worth a read.

Honour Killings

Source: Honour Killings

Rape dishonors good men, NOT the victims.  Well said.  I have stood guard with a weapon twice but not stopped anything.  We all need to do better.

Wyrd Words on Hospitality

The best part:

“The society of our ancestors valued many kinds of people. They were Explorers, Scientists, Poets, and Warriors. After Christianity came to Europe, most of the world only remembered the Warriors, but once we were known best as a people of HOSPITALITY. I believe that is a legacy we can, and should, reclaim.”

Using their stories and ways to justify silly modern machismo is not helpful.  We are more than warriors and killers.  I would not he left out business people.  They were very savvy there too.

Prayer to Heimdall

Source: Prayer to Heimdall

Always a fan of prayers to the Watchman.  Hail Heimdall!


Source: Hospitality

Often the most important virtue in my experience of heathenry.  I am still working on it.