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Songs for Heimdall and Hermod

I use popular songs as a way of worshipping openly in front of anyone.  For example, I use Tom T. Hall’s Fox on the run (I didn’t say WHEN they were popular!) for Freya and even while paddling a kayak or running on the beach. While I have chants for all of the deities I work with, being able to just sing and know that I am praying when others cannot tell is something that lets be worship anywhere.  I am stuck, however, on good songs for Heimdall and Hermod.  While I realize not many people respond here, I would love to hear suggestions I can try out.

Thank you.


Hermod Part 4

This ties to previous posts:

I will be a bit vague in this writing, as much of the events in question are deeply personal and do not belong on the internet but I do feel that a mention is needed, if only to honor Hermod.

I had strong reason, which had been building for about six months, to take a long and hard journey (physical and mental) to see someone I have not seen in a very long time for complex and unfortunate reasons that are, mostly, beyond my control.  I was fully aware that the chances of this going well was very small and tried to set my expectations appropriately.  I said a prayer to Hermod the morning before setting out (I had arrived in town the night before.) asking for inspiration and assistance.  Due to some confusion, I had an incomplete address and did not want to knock on many doors (I had thought it would be easier.)  I walked away for a bit trying to sort things out and get more information and in that walk ran into the object of my trip.

I will not say that it was a happy conversation but it did last almost two hours and was better than can be reasonably expected.  It happened the way it needed to happen and, as with Hermod, the rest is beyond my control.  In a number of ways, it WAS a ride to a personal underworld.

Hail Hermod and thank you for your inspiration and assistance.  May your strength and example continue to inspire us in the missions that are not easy, often on the behalf of others.

And now, the chant I have been using:

Hermod, Hel Rider

Hermod, Sleipnir Rider

Hermod, Far Rider

Hermod, Nine Days Rider

Hermod, Nine Nights Rider

Hermod, Frigga’s Rider

Hermod, Frigga’s Speaker

Hermod, Brave Rider

Hermod, Hel Rider

The God Graveyard – Personal Realizations

Linking mostly for the reflections on Anger and Freya. I did not start my Anger work with Freya but I have ended up there several times. Besides, the author is someone I know and respect.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

I brought the topic of the God Graveyard to the attention of some of my more intellectually inclined friends elseweb. The people I was talking with were fellow magic practitioners of various stripes, and we had, in the past, had countless discussions of privilege wherein such privileges were unpacked and critiqued. I realize in retrospect that I was assuming they would agree with me, and was seeking them out in order to receive the emotional and social support that would lend.

I did get the validation I was seeking, eventually. But at first, I was met by a few people who, in the first case being an Atheist himself, and thus coming at the question from a very different angle, and in the second case simply not feeling affected by the display to the same degree I was, expressed the view that my reaction was disproportionate, and that my interpretation…

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Relationship Based Heathenry: Ethics and Practice

A fine examination of Heathen ethics from the point of view of a man whose writing I greatly respect.


There are three different models of religion that are present in Western society today, the first and most known is the Obedience model of the Abrahamic faiths, the second is the Mystery model typified by Wicca, Golden Dawn, Mithran and similar creeds, and the last is Relationship, typified by Asatru or Heathenry.  Inside each faith are obviously elements of each, but the fundamental assumptions that form the core of that faith are based on one model alone, and form the lenses through which all questions are viewed.  For this reason, an understanding of ethics, and of practice, must begin with an examination of those assumptions, for if we do not understand which of these assumptions we carry already, we will have little chance of seeing through the wrong lenses the truths that our ancestors left in their words. 

If you were raised in North America or Western Europe, North Africa…

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