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Alternatives to Valhalla


My apologies for referring to Tumblr but it was better than Facebook as a linkable source.  I think it is worth at least considering and reviewing.  For me, Freya and Heimdall are better choices and I would not want to be in Valhalla.  Plus, while I trained for war, I never saw it and had the rather modern view of only wanting to go if ordered.

[To be clear, I realize there are several folks posting about Odin and Babysitting.  These are effectively fiction from a person or persons and I am not speaking for individual narratives.  We know from Egil’s Saga when his daughter mentioned going to Freya that our ancestor’s afterlife was more complex than 2-3 choices.  I am not drawn to Odin and was not really focused on that part of the story.  I still think the larger question is important to consider.]

Detailed interview related to Heathenry and Frith Forge

Tying back to:


One of the people interviewed in the second article posted the entire interview:


I feel it is worth sharing whatever comes out about us in the press at any level.

How the Alt-Right and our beliefs tie to popular culture


We live in a time where extremists are defining our positions for us and our popular culture is a battleground in ways I cannot remember.  It is my hope that we can, soon, put some of these “demons” to rest but the future is uncertain.  I have to sadly agree with the author that I examine the beliefs and statements of forthright Odinists (and especially Wotanists) with careful attention.

Watch for those complaining about Valkyrie and Heimdall in the film.  They are the easy tells.

Two recent articles on Heathenry/Asatru in The Atlantic

The first deals with recent research about possible Arab script on burial clothes.


While the details are inconclusive, I do think it supports the position that our spiritual ancestors traveled and were rather open minded traders as well as fighters.  I think that is still a good thing.

The second I found more important and interesting:


I had seen references to Frith Forge, although I did not post them here.  I would hope we all look for ways to deal with such things.  I do not know that I have the answers.  I just keep working as I can.

May Hermod guide us on Dark Roads

May Freya remind us of Hospitality

May Heimdall remind us to keep Watch

Another great post from Mainer – Calling out Cowards

Calling out the Cowards You know, the inside of my head is a strange place sometimes, I do understand that. I am a thoroughly modern man who is deeply and passionately committed to the progress both of our science, and our society. There is no arguing the fact that the bedrock of my essence […]

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A New Paper on Modern Heathenry/Asatru


There was, apparently, a small conference for international heathenry in Potsdam and this paper came from that.  He proposes a public theological approach.  It is at least worth reading.

A Video worth watching

Troth: Inclusive Heathenry after Charlottesville

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