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The Growth of the Alt Right

Part of what is emboldening groups like the AFA and others:

There is no specific mention of Heathenry or Heathen symbols but I firmly believe this affects us all.

An interesting analysis on Closed Traditions

(Note: This is not an essay about the history of Christianity and Judaism. They are merely familiar examples of open and closed traditions. There is no way I could possibly summarize the history of either, much less their interactions, in an essay of this length.) I’ve been thinking about this for a while. What does […]

via On Closed Traditions — EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

More information on Camp Courage

The Real Story Behind ‘Camp Courage’ And The AFA

There is No Folkish and Universalist Debate in Heathenry

Grundsau Burrow

For the last few decades, the Heathen world has maintained an uneasy truce between its various umbrella organizations through what is known as the Folkish versus Universalist debate. The idea was that there a side of Heathenry that believed you needed to be of Germanic descent to worship Germanic Gods, a side of Heathenry that believed anyone who felt personally called could worship the Germanic Gods, and an uneasy gap between them where each could “do as they see fit in their own halls”.

Folkish types used reasonable-sounding arguments to support their side. “Native American tribes have their indigenous religions, and we have ours,” they told us. “People should seek out the traditions of their own ancestry; there’s no need for them to come to ours.” Then they would carefully exclude anyone who didn’t look white enough, while the rest of Heathenry turned the other way.

By allowing this uneasy…

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