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Know the price of your Rage and Anger before you act

This is a video connected to recent events in Baltimore. I would argue that this man is more persuasive and effective than anything I would write.  Anger and Rage can be effective but breathe and THINK before using them or you may squander something very important.

While I have strong opinions on the events in Baltimore, I would counsel those bearing hate and disdain for the people there to imagine you had lived with one tenth of what they did.  I would also spend more time looking for examples of what people have done there everyday to build.

A Christian on the risks of literal interpretation

We see echoes of this form of fundamentalism in American Heathenry.  Watch for it in yourself and others.  We have the gift of Reason for a purpose.  Let us remember to use that gift.

One of many historical examples of the price of anger and rage – Fort Pillow

Inspired first by this:


Here is an overview:

When we act out of rage and anger, we can often inspire the same in others reacting to us.  That war escalated as a result ad the echoes of those actions can still be seen today.

Know the price of your anger and make peace with it before you act.  Sometimes that price may be worth the cost.  Often, however, it is not.

More on “Religious Freedom” Laws

This ties to two other posts I have made.  I don’t see a need to reinvent the wheel when others have done fine, heathen or not. I DO like to post from those who took the same oath I did, as this man did.

When I know that your concept of religious freedom is to suppress mine or others, I stand against you and call on the oath I took.

When I know that your concept of religious freedom is to suppress my family or my friends, I stand against you and don’t need an oath to back me.  You are a threat to me and mine.

The previous posts were:

Experimental treatment for PTSD

I will say that the very physical elements spoken of do match some of the experiments and techniques I have used.

Advice to Combat Veterans

While I served, I never heard a shot fired in anger and more recent veterans have been through a meat grinder.  I don’t have their experiences or knowledge to give advice.  Instead, here is something from one of them:

While I had my versions of post traumatic stress, mine was from something else and not combat.  I DO believe that accepting that you are angry, why and that it is nothing to feel guilty about is important.  The advice here is very similar to things I have done, albeit more intense.

I wish anyone reading this luck in finding the path that helps them most.


A book for children of veterans with PTSD.