About Me

I am a Norse Heathen living in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Starting in early 2011, I found a need to deal with a tremendous amount of rage and anger for a variety of reasons that began my journey to finding a new way for handling, controlling and accepting those feelings.  I have always been drawn heavily to philosophy and deep thought, calling myself more a heathen philosopher.  However, the path that brought me here is far more mystical than I had previously encountered.

While my path started with Stoic philosophy, and that helped, I found the rage was too strong and slowly discovered a new way based on accepting that anger and walking straight into it (Fire) rather than ignoring it (Below/Denial), surrendering that rage to Deity (Above) or using Stoic or Buddhist  methods of meditation (Water).  I will warn the reader that this was based heavily on the concept of the berserk, in case that is a concern, and that fire CAN burn you in ways that are not physical.

I am hopeful that this will give heathens and other northern path followers another method for dealing with emotions consistent with our beliefs, if other methods have not worked.

Please note that I am not a strict Heathen reconstructionist although I read heavily on Norse and other subjects.  I see the lore as the starting groundwork that each individual then uses to move forward.  I feel it important to deal with people where they are, and not try to bring them to my point of view.

A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.

Carl Jung


The working title I have is Rage Gothi.  I use Gothi rather than priest both because it is heathen and because it had an element of self selection and resources.  I am still working on the rules and elements of this function but so far I can say:

1) I will honor anyone’s right to Anger, Rage and Passion.  My only question will be what you DO with that.

2) I am NOT a relationship counselor.  At best, I am counselor between you and your Rage but NOT the cause of it.  I am not here to pass judgement or take sides or even to “poor baby” you. I will work to help you deal with your own anger, and the control or lack of control of it. I will focus you inward, not outward, and be firm about not expressing opinions about anyone else but you.

3) I am not currently accepting online requests for counselling or assistance.  I work with people I meet personally and decide to assist.

4) I have discovered that, in many cases, my place is more to lead by example than to have clients.  Most who tell me I have helped them only tell me much later.  I therefore strive to do my best everyday.

5) I have a life, family and day job.  This is a calling but not my whole life.  I will place limits on what I will support and I will not be completely public in my dealings, identity or faith.

6) See a therapist, have a physician.  I am a layman with a spiritual path.  If you are having serious anger issues, seek professional help.

If you truly feel a need to contact me, use ragewhisperer at gmail

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