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On the value of historical context

And understanding how hitting people works…

This misunderstanding affects those of us raised in a Christian culture as well.  Turning the left cheek, carrying a pack too far were very legal and somewhat passive ways of saying “FUCK YOU!” to an occupier.

Havamal Witches

A story about sex and gender in the Heathen community.  I tagged it as relating to Freya.  I know as many heathen women as men and a number I know have been involved in this discussion.

Revisiting Ancestors

I attended an event last night involving Spae and Seidr style divination where I happened to ask a question about two ancestors.  It was not the question I thought I would ask initially.  I have referred to them in writings before, obliquely:

I have felt them recently in light of many events but did not know how best to connect.  The advice I received was to do something for them each morning for 30 days, and then judge whether to continue for another 30, and so on.  I spent time as the ritual continued to others pondering this and came up with a simple answer.

Both ancestors were male and clean shaven.  I happen to shave with an old style safety razor.  I would honor them as I shaved.  It worked well this morning and made me calmer.  I will continue this and try to post again after 30 days.

Article on Heathenry and Sacred Practice

From the text:

“sacred song, sacred dance, intense (and accurate) divination, sacrifice, a consciousness of tradition lineage,…”
I have seen all of these things but they are often private due to wanting to avoid being yelled at. I have done most of them but it is true that I do not speak of them in public or semi-public spaces where my name is used. It has been made clear that would not be welcomed and so I handle it differently. We have a lot of powerful things, some very dark. They just don’t get discussed in many places.  And, yes, parts of that had to come from other sources.

Wise Thoughts on Death and Dying

I was asked to write an article about death from a Heathen perspective. There is rather a lot written about the esoteric nature of death, about the soul, our conception of mortality in heathenry, and much of it has been done by far more skilled authors and priests than myself. I have little to contribute […]

via Death Counselling — mainer74

White Supremacists as the greater terror threat

The recent election has only emboldened these groups but, as the article I posted yesterday shows (, they have been a major issue for a long time.

I am rarely questioned, attacked or otherwise asked about these posts but I will take a moment and explain two reasons I write and post them:

  1. It gives me an easy permanent record through a tag cloud to find any of this at anytime.  All I have to do if someone asks is send them this link:
  2. Even people who SHOULD be knowledgeable of these threats are not. External intel analysts (NSA, NOO, Naval Intelligence) are taught never to look at their own country and this becomes and intellectual limitation.  FBI and Homeland Security are being told by the current administration that these groups do not matter.  Having all of this information in one place allows me to talk to anyone and try to get them to see that.

To me, it is part of my obligation to Heimdall and has become reflex.  I wish it were not so, but there it is.  May the American Ragnarok I fear come long after my grandchildren’s grandchildren are gone.

I will close with this:

Heimdall, help me to keep the Watch in the Darkest of Times

Hermod, remind of the strength to Ride on the Darkest of Roads

Freya, teach me how to show Courage and Hospitality when it is very hard.

Anti-semitism and White Supremacy

The following is a detailed article that covers a lot of the history of White Supremacist groups and their strong elements of anti-Semitism.  In particular, I think the following points are worth reading and researching:

  1. The Turner Diaries – The influenced McVeigh and the Oklahoma city bombings.
  2. “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”—a forgery, first circulated by Czarist secret police in Russia in 1903.  This one seems to keep coming up.
  3. While not itemized, he does list a lot of the various attacks over the years.
  4. The states in the Northwest most tied to these groups.
  5. The various mythologies of the groups in question
  6. The virulence of anti-Semitism in these groups.

I plan to return to this article periodically.  It has a lot of useful details.