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Pagan Sausage Factory

A useful article on the risks of being too broad in the use and understanding of the word: “Pagan”.


An interesting post about the larger pagan community that also ties to heathens and clearly ties to rage and anger and the need to use them constructively.

Shadows of the Sun

“There is no such thing as speech that is free. You must pay for everything that you say.”

— Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Sykes, Jarhead

I am about to pay for my words.

This piece will likely make me very unpopular, because I am going to talk about a very large, nasty elephant in the Polytheist room. A very large, nasty elephant that a lot of people aren’t wanting to address with sincerity, much less with any intention of doing something about it.

I accept the impending consequences. I accept the coming backlash, the (intentional) misinterpretation of my words, the spitting of black toads and the toddleresque tantrum-throwing.

Indeed, I welcome it. What better way for my voice to be heard than through reactionary criticism of it? Those that hate me and what I have to say shall be my most adamant and dedicated Word-Bearers.

My only care concerning this…

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Valkyrie or Shieldmaiden?

An article that talks of valkyries versus warrior women and reminds us that valkyrie were not necessarily beautiful and wonderful but possibly bloody and terrible.

Berserker Song

I sang this at a rite this weekend for a friend who needed warrior energy:

It is a song I first heard years ago that has become emblematic of some of my Rage Work.  I am linking it rather than repeating it so that it is properly cited, etc.  I have used it as a release several times and, having done some Rage related work earlier that day, the song just seemed come easily to me that night.

I could also see singing the chorus and the end to ramp myself up, although I have not felt a need to do that.

New pope should be a mystic?

As someone exploring this side of myself, I found this article interesting:

Obviously, I am neither Catholic nor Christian but have been struggling with writing something about the mystic versus recon in heathenry and this definition seemed a place to consider:

“A mystic? Absolutely! Contrary to popular perception, a mystic is not a magician or a crystal-ball-gazer. A mystic is rather a person who has had an experience of God’s love so unmistakable that it changes him or her forever, imparting a confidence that cannot be shaken, a humility that cannot be doubted, a freedom that exudes love and gentleness and authenticity. A mystic knows from experience, not books, that we are each beautiful beyond our understanding, loved beyond our capacity to love, united beyond our perceptions of difference and division.”

Mystic truths are about a powerful and earthshaking personal experience that changes you.  The trick is to be humble about how you apply them to others.