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Pro-Russian Bots affecting Right Wing traffic

Something to be aware of on the internet. Some of what we see may be manipulation by Russian bots or agents.  While the Alt-Right is powerful and dangerous, as Charlottesville showed, their support may be weaker than it appears.

Stormfront and Daily Stormer down pulls support for one of the oldest and largest neo-nazi hate sites following campaign by Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

A Black man infiltrates White Supremacy

A fascinating tale of cyber infiltration.  An important part:

“Meanwhile, the folks on these forums are still discussing phrenology. Who uses phrenology anymore? We mapped the human genome!”



A Video worth watching

Troth: Inclusive Heathenry after Charlottesville

via Inclusive Heathenry — mainer74

In Times of Trouble – Vanir

I’ve been appalled and horrified, but not necessarily surprised, by the events this past weekend in Charlottesville. It’s as if the general public is waking up to the insidious destructive nature of white supremacy here in the US. I feel like it’s a drum I’ve been beating for several years now, and many other Heathens […]

via Words from the Vanir: In times of trouble… — Silver and Gold

In particular, focus on the words from Njord and take time to rest.  Rest is a Weapon.

I have felt like I saw this coming five years ago and spent over a year shouting into the wind.  Rest if you need to.