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In Times of Trouble – Vanir

I’ve been appalled and horrified, but not necessarily surprised, by the events this past weekend in Charlottesville. It’s as if the general public is waking up to the insidious destructive nature of white supremacy here in the US. I feel like it’s a drum I’ve been beating for several years now, and many other Heathens […]

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In particular, focus on the words from Njord and take time to rest.  Rest is a Weapon.

I have felt like I saw this coming five years ago and spent over a year shouting into the wind.  Rest if you need to.

The modern connection between Nazi symbols and the Confederacy

“At the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville over the weekend, marchers carried Confederate and Nazi flags side by side, protesting plans to remove Confederate statues from the city’s Emancipation Park. That would have surprised Southerners not that long ago. While both the Confederacy and Nazi Germany waged wars to defend white supremacy, those two symbols were mostly kept apart for decades after World War II. How those two symbols of white supremacy have come to overlap tells us a great deal about how white racist extremism developed – and where it might go.”

The very short answer appears to be: David Duke.

Wise Words From Mainer on Nazis in our midst.

White Nationalists marched on Charlottesville Virginia. For those who are even now preparing to defend White Nationalists as not being Nazis, and calling on all those who call them fascists as alarmists, I offer you the following photos of the marchers. Armed and proud to quote Adolf Hitler, the White Nationalist Nazis, raised on our […]

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Hunting Racists on Twitter

A useful tool for social media.

Torch Wielding Nazis at UVA

A group of white nationalists sparked outrage on a college campus in Virginia on Friday after the marched with torches across campus while chanting Nazi expressions.

The demonstrators marched on the campus grounds at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville late Friday as precursor to a Saturday protest planned to publicly oppose the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

SEE MORE: Charlottesville braces for influx of white nationalists

Marches could be heard chanting slogans including “white lives matter” and “you will not replace us.” Others could be heard chanting “blood and soil,” a well-known Nazi rallying cry. Police eventually declared the protest an unlawful assembly and both protesters and counter protesters reported being pepper sprayed.


My response: “Yes, in time, we will. My ancestors fought men like you and I honor them and my oaths.”

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I am Heathen, which honestly is not the same as pagan. I am a hard polytheist who understands the gods and goddesses, however imperfectly we understand them, are discrete knowable entities with a nature that springs not from our need, but from their essence. The gods that I have built a relationship with are the […]

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I somehow missed this one and spotted it going back through his blog.  So, here it is.