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Community, Brotherhood and Courage

I spent time this past weekend at an event where I was able to spend time with someone else on an Anger related path.  (I am not going to drop names here, either of the person or the event, as this is a public blog.) It was a powerful experience to meet a fellow traveler and be able to share time where someone truly understood the challenges and emotions that come with such things.  It has caused me to reflect on the road that got me to this point.

At a larger level, we need to remember the importance of friends, family and those who share our road.  I have been extraordinarily lucky to have an incredible support system, which is partly why I feel so strongly about writing this at all.  I hope to pass on something that will help someone else.

Also at the event, we talked about the power of community, our commitments to it and the price of failing to meet commitments and oaths.  This included the price of leaders failing to keep those commitments and how it can hurt a community.  It is the truth and honor of what we can offer to others that makes us strong.  Part of the symbol of this blog is Tiwaz,or Tyr’s rune.  It represents how honor can act in balance to our Rage and Fury.  It also ties us to our communities.

I also had the chance to attend a rite devoted to giving courage to younger and newer heathens who might doubt their new found path or be persecuted.  I have had a number of people ask about courage as well as anger. Our anger can give us courage, if we can control and guide that Passion.  

In my reflection, I found something I wrote earlier this year (March) when I was really struggling with Rage and preparing to do serious personal work.  It was a time when I was personalizing my uncontrolled Rage as a tiny piece of Fenrir.  I truly feared that I might hurt those I loved.  It seemed right to repeat it now:

For Fenris must be chained or Chaos is King

Whatever you threaten me with you will do anyway, so I will stand as Tyr did and hold you back until I am gone.  That is the first Duty of a Man.

I will NEVER be like the wretches on the news who dishonored their families and orlog in a poor reflection of running Amok.

May Honor and Wisdom be your guide.

Blog post elsewhere on Fenris

Fenrir is more controversial than even Loki in heathenry.  He is seen as raw and uncompromising Destruction and I have found that some heathens take an almost Southern Baptist view of Fenrir with him being a demonic force of pure evil.  I will admit that, while I see him as a very terrifying and uncompromising force of Destruction, I also see that as a necessary part of life.  

The Aesir bound him to try to prevent something that in the end they almost made a self fulfilling prophecy.  Fenrir also adds to the stories of Tyr and Odin in strong ways.  Tyr as the honorable warrior who sacrifices for the community and Odin as the general/king/seer trying hard to control events that he can only partially effect.  But, despite all of this, Destruction is always there.  We can despair, or we can accept this truth and stand back up and face it in whatever way we can.  That act of standing, often with the help of community, is what makes us who we are.

Here is a post by someone I correspond with regarding Fenrir.

Storytelling, emotion and vulnerability

First, read this:

I will note that I have not yet read the related book but the article points to our vulnerabilities to manipulation when our emotions are being played.  As I said here:, we can be quite vulnerable to such techniques when our anger is strong.  This is hardly a new concept and the fear of mobs is very old.

If you walk your version of the path of Fire, you have a responsibility to be aware of this issue and work on ways to defend yourself.