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SPLC Declares AFA a Hate Group

I saw all of the elements they mention in the article.


Some symbols cannot be recovered

There has been a lot of noise lately about the use of runes in the Norwegian Olympic team sweater. The objection is that two runes are displayed on the sweater, Tiwaz and Elhaz, the runes for Tyr/victory and elk/protection, had been used by the Nazi’s for certain specific groups and programs (leadership school for Tiwaz, […]

via Swastika and Runes; Heritage or Hate — mainer74

Reinactment and Hate

Based on recent issues in the SCA with swastikas and “HH”, I did a search for an article and found this.

A friend of mine, formerly in the SCA, mentioned the specific details, which are mostly on Facebook sadly.  However, if you are part of any related community, it is something to be aware.


They definitely do NOT want to be left alone.

…training included lessons in firearms and hand-to-hand combat, preparation for the group’s “ultimate aim of overthrowing the U.S. government through the use of terrorism and guerrilla warfare.”

Heathenry and Women

The picture in the article is of a Germanic duel between a man and a woman.

Most particularly:

We shouldn’t need to recite poetic verses or cite academic sources to convince men that women are people. We should all respect women as individuals and honor their input, because they are human beings with identities and agency. Period. This shouldn’t need to be spelled out, but it apparently must.

Reflect on that one a bit.


Andrew Anglin – The Making of an American Nazi

A very detailed account of someone who has done a lot of harm.

I was struck, in particular, by his cowardice and by the continued support of his family.  Arguably, they have allowed him to continue the way he has.  Many of these men are not strong people.  Nor brave.

Odin as the Villain of the Thor movies

Obviously, Marvel movies are, at best, only loosely based on actual Norse myth and writings.  Kirby and Lee did some minimal research at the time (although they did read sources) and then did what worked for their stories.  Still, we have to accept that the films are what a lot of people will think of.  They are flawed in many ways, leaving out Frey, Freya and others (as do the comics) and we have to remember that Marvel really made the gods out to be aliens more than anything else.  Remember that in the comics and the movies, relationships are very different and there is a strong science fiction context.

However, Odin is often shown as conniving and playing a long game, so it is an interesting observation on several levels.  One can look at Odin as engaging in a self fulfilling prophecy in a number of ways and this version does that.  Granted, I don’t know how much of that was envisioned when the films started and how much was a matter of the last film tying it together.

At a minimum, we should be aware of the film stories when new people come to us.