As I noted elsewhere, I am a practicing Norse Heathen and my approach to anger and other issues is strongly affected by that.  Therefore, the deities listed here will be primarily (if not entirely) Norse.  You may find the mix a bit eclectic and unusual.  The path I took to get here was as well.


Heimdall was the god I was first most strongly drawn to, even before I declared myself heathen.  The devotion and power of the Watchman carry a great strength and inspiration for me.

Here is an online shrine to him:

Here is an article about Heimdall:


Freya is primarily tied to more personal aspects of my life but that connection is very strong.  She is also a goddess of Passion, War and Magic who some fear more than Loki.  I feel the Passion portion is strongly tied to the Fire path  Here is an online shrine to her:

And a post that talks about her complex and darker sides:

An old article:


Hermod is very obscure to most but, like Heimdall, he represents a different sort of courage and strength than the more classic Norse figures.  He is more than a messenger, he is the ambassador that travels to hard and difficult places.

An online shrine to Hermod:

FENRIS (Yes, THAT one.  Gleipnir is an important lesson.)

Fenrir is ultimately a force of Destruction or Entropy.  He is not a matter of worship but more like the propitiation one might have given to ancient volcano spirits.  Poetry tends to work best along with a recognition that there is a constant battle to put off his release as long as possible.  Two poems of note:


If you write of Fenrir, Tyr goes hand in mouth.  Tyr is the recognition of sacrifice, courage and standing back up no matter how badly beaten when that is necessary.  Sometimes, I think of him like Rocky from the old movies.


While I have always honored Thor, as do most heathens, I have recently felt a pull to spend some more time understanding his depths.

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