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Of a Blot to Freya

Yesterday, I hosted a Blot to Freya at my house.  While I had some organized plans and formal prayers, it mostly became an off the cuff process with a single round followed by food and discussion.

Key points made:

  1. I reviewed the story of Freya and Hrungnir’s entrance to Asgard and her offering him mead.  This opened theme of Hospitality as a resource and a weapon.  She had the courage and the right of things to offer a guest a drink, even when belligerent and threatening. (An example, although I was using another source:
  2. Of Freya as representing sovereignty over the bodies of women (and others).
  3. Of Freya as representing lust and the right to love as we choose.
  4. Freya as one who stands for the abused.
  5. Of the need for Hospitality, friendship and renewal in a long fight.  That in a long, hard fight, we need to rest.
  6. That we must respect our enemies, to a point, but never show them our backs.  (Not my point, but a good toast.)

There was also discussion of how to help victims of abuse, dealing with rage and related issues.  In addition, there was friendship, camaraderie, food, drinks and connection.

The Blot was impromptu, and put together with minimal time and a random list of invitees.  Clearly, more are needed.  Remember in dark times that we draw light from each other.

Freya Blot Q1 2018




Beacon Fires and Carrying the Signal

This was inspired by this scene, which I have always loved:

The idea of the Beacon Fire and being part of the signal has appealed to me and the part of me tied to Heimdall for years.  Imagine the long and painful duty waiting for the one day when you light the signal, much like Heimdall and Gjallarhorn.  Such images appeal to me.

Here is an historical reference to Beacon Fires in England, which likely influenced Tolkein:

Now, where am I going?  To be part of a signal system takes preparation, dedication and possibly training.  You have to be ready to be called when the time comes.  This could for all sorts of reasons:

Watching for Abuse

Neighborhood Watch

Chaperoning Kids

Acting as a Security

I like the metaphor and the mission of it.  Something to meditate on.


Alternatives to Valhalla


My apologies for referring to Tumblr but it was better than Facebook as a linkable source.  I think it is worth at least considering and reviewing.  For me, Freya and Heimdall are better choices and I would not want to be in Valhalla.  Plus, while I trained for war, I never saw it and had the rather modern view of only wanting to go if ordered.

[To be clear, I realize there are several folks posting about Odin and Babysitting.  These are effectively fiction from a person or persons and I am not speaking for individual narratives.  We know from Egil’s Saga when his daughter mentioned going to Freya that our ancestor’s afterlife was more complex than 2-3 choices.  I am not drawn to Odin and was not really focused on that part of the story.  I still think the larger question is important to consider.]

Revisiting Ancestors – Part 2

I started this here:

Both ancestors are uncles who served in WW2, one in the Army and one in the 8th Air Force.  Most mornings, I take my safety razor, brush and a large cup with soap gifted to me by a partner with ravens on it and shave one side for each uncle.  I had avoided their stories here, as I have chosen to stay more private but I have decided to share a little.  I chose them as they both fought the Nazis and, today, we face Facists in our own country and some even read this blog.  Here is a brief description of one:

  My one uncle who served in the 8th Air Force on a B-17  as a radio man. He was a teetotaler and turned down the scotch they gave them for the intelligence briefings and passed it to someone else. “And then we flew over Berlin…” He drank whiskey from that day forward and I got to introduce him to better scotch choices later in life. He was also a very gentle man and a great father to two daughters.
Remembering him and my other uncle as ones who stood when they must, helps center me.   There is another practice I am doing for that, but that will be another post.

Revisiting “Above”

First, where this came from:

I have been having trouble maintaining calm because I forgot to have and use multiple plans.  I injured myself and could/can not do the intense workouts I used to do.  In addition, life and our political situation have only gotten worse.  I can feel the rage sitting on my shoulders like a weight and keeping me tense.

Second, and as important:

I wrote then and before that I could not use the “Above” method.  However, with the current issues and having limited choices, I am trying that by handing off what Rage I can up to Freya so that I can maintain my hospitality and honor those I love.  It is a work in progress and I will report more at a later time.


Rage, anger and social media

I have found the last year much harder as a result of social media and my response to it. As I was pondering that, I saw the above article.  It is worth considering how much time we spend in places designed to distract or anger us and take us away from thought.

While I am still working on my path, I think controlling the amount of time we spend on social media is a good start.  I am not suggesting you walk away entirely, but consider how you let such things affect you.



Walk the dog

Talk to a friend


Do not let their desire to sell you advertising to invade your inner garth.  Do not give others such power over you.

Returning to Rage writing

It was pointed out to me by a friend in a reading yesterday that my rage has grown a great deal recently and could return me to the days of fearing for those close to me.  I need to redouble my work on the path that started this blog, restarting old methods and finding new ones.  I will work to write once a week on that topic as I move forward.

This does not mean that Hate and White Supremacy are not major threats, just that I need to do maintenance and find better ways to do some kinds of work.

Until next time.