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Revisiting “Above”

First, where this came from:

I have been having trouble maintaining calm because I forgot to have and use multiple plans.  I injured myself and could/can not do the intense workouts I used to do.  In addition, life and our political situation have only gotten worse.  I can feel the rage sitting on my shoulders like a weight and keeping me tense.

Second, and as important:

I wrote then and before that I could not use the “Above” method.  However, with the current issues and having limited choices, I am trying that by handing off what Rage I can up to Freya so that I can maintain my hospitality and honor those I love.  It is a work in progress and I will report more at a later time.



Rage, anger and social media

I have found the last year much harder as a result of social media and my response to it. As I was pondering that, I saw the above article.  It is worth considering how much time we spend in places designed to distract or anger us and take us away from thought.

While I am still working on my path, I think controlling the amount of time we spend on social media is a good start.  I am not suggesting you walk away entirely, but consider how you let such things affect you.



Walk the dog

Talk to a friend


Do not let their desire to sell you advertising to invade your inner garth.  Do not give others such power over you.

Returning to Rage writing

It was pointed out to me by a friend in a reading yesterday that my rage has grown a great deal recently and could return me to the days of fearing for those close to me.  I need to redouble my work on the path that started this blog, restarting old methods and finding new ones.  I will work to write once a week on that topic as I move forward.

This does not mean that Hate and White Supremacy are not major threats, just that I need to do maintenance and find better ways to do some kinds of work.

Until next time.

Revisiting Ancestors

I attended an event last night involving Spae and Seidr style divination where I happened to ask a question about two ancestors.  It was not the question I thought I would ask initially.  I have referred to them in writings before, obliquely:

I have felt them recently in light of many events but did not know how best to connect.  The advice I received was to do something for them each morning for 30 days, and then judge whether to continue for another 30, and so on.  I spent time as the ritual continued to others pondering this and came up with a simple answer.

Both ancestors were male and clean shaven.  I happen to shave with an old style safety razor.  I would honor them as I shaved.  It worked well this morning and made me calmer.  I will continue this and try to post again after 30 days.

Article on Heathenry and Sacred Practice

From the text:

“sacred song, sacred dance, intense (and accurate) divination, sacrifice, a consciousness of tradition lineage,…”
I have seen all of these things but they are often private due to wanting to avoid being yelled at. I have done most of them but it is true that I do not speak of them in public or semi-public spaces where my name is used. It has been made clear that would not be welcomed and so I handle it differently. We have a lot of powerful things, some very dark. They just don’t get discussed in many places.  And, yes, parts of that had to come from other sources.

Story of Odin

When you have lost everything, even your name, there is little point in going on. I was not churlish enough to leave my body hanging where I would be found by those who would be hurt by it. I brought my rope with me to the park. There was an old maple tree […]

via Heimþinguðr hanga (Visitor of the Hanged) — mainer74

I honor all the gods, although Odin is one I do not do much more than that.  Still, the story resonates and might be of interest to those who do.

What does clergy mean to you, your tradition?

I call myself a very narrow specialist and not even an Expert but the questions here are worthy of consideration: