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Song Ideas for Hermod

Tying here:

And here:

So far, both are from Ronnie James Dio.

Holy Diver:

The Last in Line:

I realize that choosing metal for a cappella is a bit odd but I sing Fox on the Run that way for Freya without banjos.  I am also able to see that the songs are a bit imperfect to my literal intent but, that doesn’t bother me much.  I will experiment.


Lessons From the Ashes

Fire as metaphor for destruction but also as seen from the point of view of age. I do think you can rekindle that youthful perspective with effort but that age tempers you in a different way.


One of the more powerful poems we have is the Voluspa. It gives us the sweep of the mythic past, the context of the mythic future, and glimpses of the mythic future. When I was young, the glory of it all was stirring, as a young warrior, visions of the end times, and the final struggle were compelling. Like most young folk, I missed many lessons of the Voluspa, because I saw only the fire, and looked away from the ashes. Wisdom is supposed to be the greybeards (or grey-braid) stock and trade, for with the colour of ashes in our hair, comes the wisdom gleaned from the ashes of our own struggles.

To be young and idealistic is to speak of death before dishonour, victory or death. For many, the understanding that you can one day be standing in the ashes of all that you had cherished, and yet…

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A good entry on what records we have for offerings

I am not touching the latest debate about offerings and whether one should leave them just for deity other than to say:

1) There are times I share drinks and times I do not.  That can apply to deity as well.

2) Some offerings do not have to be food and drink.  In the right context, I have offered: tears, sweat, blood, spit, fear and pain.  It all depends on the relationship, the occasion and the details.  Hell, I would argue that running a marathon as a gift to a deity (I have not and will run, at most, 9 miles) is all of that and more.

3) This:

4) I intend to spend more time on my own practice and not arguing with other people.  I believe it is by example that I am meant to make the most difference in this life.

Hail the Gods!

Be Well!

Be the Best that you Can

A formal news item that speaks to anger as a motivator

This is not a political blog, so my linking this article is for a different purpose.

To me, it speaks to focusing your anger and using it to achieve positive ends and even acknowledging that you INTEND to anger others.  It is anger as both motivation and deliberate result. 

Whenever I am talking to someone behaving in an angry and activist matter, my only real question is if they understand the price they will pay for what they unleash.  If they do, my work there is done.  This man seems to have made that calculation on his own, and brilliantly.

Is Santa Claus Real

I have seen references to Odin and Santa elsewhere but prefer this one to the rest of them.


Image     It is a bit like asking if gravity or air are real, they are demonstrable, quantifiable, but I will grant you easily missed if you aren’t looking the right way, or look a mind that will not accept what the eyes perceive readily.

Odin is the god with the most kennings (use names, bynames, and aliases) of any god in any pantheon in history.  One of them is Father Jul, the Yule Father to whom the Tree was raised, and offering given even when Christianity’s coming forced the tree to come indoors, or when Coke decided he needed to wear their colours to sell Coke at Christmas.    The oldest name of Odin, like his associated rune, and his gift to man at creation are the same: inspiration.

God of war, god of poets, god of chieftains, yet the words that come to us from him are largely about gift…

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Exercise as Prayer

I realized, after searching through my blog, that I never wrote a post specifically on exercise as a form of prayer or active meditation.  In my pursuit of the Fire Path in the last several years, I have found tying exercise to my spirituality to be an important and powerful part of my growth.  There is a great deal of person of personal power in linking the two.  Here are a few examples:

1) Adapt any of your chants or mantras into running cadences.  Singing or calling to deity while exercising, especially running adds rhythm and stamina to your workout and makes completing all parts of it easier.

2) If you make offerings to deity, consider offering sweat or other results after the workout.  I use a special cloth on my altar to wipe sweat onto during or at the end of my workout.  Sweat may seem prosaic but it is the result of heavy effort you have devoted to a deity or deities and therefore has value.

3) Consider dedicating part or all of your workout to deity.  My workout has several pieces and it is easy to do multiple chants or bow to the deities on my altar in between sets.  Of course, my altar space is next to my workout area and you may not be so lucky.

4) Consider dedicating a special workout or effort to deity.  For example, I am training for Hermod:

Whichever works for you, I encourage you to consider exercise as part of your prayer and mediation.