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Emotional Abuse

Worth reading.  Emotional abuse can do a lot of harm and be hard to recognize or accept.  If you were raised with assumptions of absolute self control or phrases like “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”; you will find this will be hard accept.


Incels, a different but still deadly hate group

Recent terror events in Toronto point out the danger of a different group/movement.  Many of these groups seem to be angry and frustrated males who seek to harm women. A few points:

  1. Hatred of women should be a major red flag.
  2. Seeking to make women objects, of whatever kind, should be a major red flag.
  3. We need a new version of masculinity.  (See below.)

“The answer is not simple,” Nagle says. “We end up talking about, say, gun laws and all these very surface things. But in America in particular, the root of this is very, very deep. It’s my view that the kind of cultural revolution that came to fruition in the 60s, where people were questioning older institutions, was very successful in the breaking down of those institutions. But I think it’s fair to say, if you look at contemporary American society, that there has been a failure to replace those institutions with anything new to hold society together. So they would say: ‘Women are just out for themselves, so the way to respond to that is to get some muscles and trick them.’ Love never enters into it. Trust in other people, it’s all gone. It’s a very, very bleak worldview. And they’re not getting that from nowhere.”


More information on the Atomwaffen

I don’t really have anything to add on this one. I link these for information and so that you can find them under the hate Tag.

For those who wonder, some of this is in devotion to the Watchman.  I have to track the threats out there.

Some symbols cannot be recovered

There has been a lot of noise lately about the use of runes in the Norwegian Olympic team sweater. The objection is that two runes are displayed on the sweater, Tiwaz and Elhaz, the runes for Tyr/victory and elk/protection, had been used by the Nazi’s for certain specific groups and programs (leadership school for Tiwaz, […]

via Swastika and Runes; Heritage or Hate — mainer74