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Heathenry and the Military

Heathens can finally be open in the military.  Good news, albeit VERY long in coming.

I missed this event – Fascists and Antifa in Berkeley

The above article is from Esquire and deals with violent protests in Berkeley over the weekend.  I include it for white supremacy as well as reports of and Odinist banner.  I am assuming that is supposed to be a Norse sun symbol, although it is only part of one.

Something like this:



I can certainly see that being used by hardcore Odinists and one can find a fair amount of support for that in online sites.

For the most part, my interests here are informational at this point as I get news feeds from many sources.

An article on the same event:

Merging of MRAs and Alt-Right

I had noticed this before but here is decent article on the phenomenon.  I do not have a lot of commentary on this one but post it to have articles in one place.

As a reference, you can find all of my hate related links and posts here:

Interfaith Article

This is a very different tack than I normally take but an interesting article on issues of Heathens being parts of larger religious organizations.

A Photo Collection of Hate in America

People have been emboldened by the recent Presidential campaign.  People with 88 tattoos worked on the current President’s campaign.  I firmly believe the Heathens are in a better position to educate on White Supremacy and it is something I am looking into.

We are more aware of these trends than many others.

Consider this issue.

Connections between 4-Chan and Politics

View story at

A long but informative article connecting 4-Chan to many of our modern issues.  It has an agenda, but is also useful as an examination of a section of the Alt-Right.

I need to think about this more before coming up with writing on how I see this tying to concepts of Manhood and Heathenry.

On Punching Nazis

This one is not going to have a strong conclusion but, instead, tie in a lot of articles and history even I was unaware of.  It starts here:

He was actually punched a second time but that only has still shots.

Then to arguments over ethics:

And here:

Even Heathens have commented:

But, this morning, I saw this:

In the end, there has been almost a shadow war going on for a long time that is now coming to a head as fascists and white supremacists have come out of the shadows under the current administration.  I think everyone has to make their own determination as to the actions they take BUT that we as heathens CAN educate others on white supremacy.  We have had to look it in the eye more than some.