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Deciding on a Yule celebration

Started the thinking from here:

Specifically, this on toasts:

The narrative continues that toasts were to be drunk. The first toast was to be drunk to Odin “for victory and power to the king”, the second to the gods Njörðr and Freyr “for good harvests and for peace”, and thirdly a beaker was to be drunk to the king himself. In addition, toasts were drunk to the memory of departed kinsfolk. These were called minni.[12]

So, later tonight, I shall improvise from this in a slightly different direction.

  1. First, to Freya, for the power of hospitality, friendship and connection in facing darkness.
  2. Second, to my ancestors who faced strife and darkness before, for inspiration.
  3. Third, to the Constitution.  My nation does not have a King and those of us who served swore to support and defend it.

I wish you all a Good Yule and times with friends and family.


A song/poem to Freya I liked

Freya’s Ragnarok                 

For I have seen the old man cry
as thunder floods his darkened eye
For he has watched his bright son die
The heir to Asgard’s legacy betrayed

And I have seen the future bleed
That sacred self-renewing seed
What mortal wound from simple weed
The fate a thousand vows could not evade

For I have seen a mother’s pain
Who knew her brightest must be slain
For man to grace the land again
After the gods and giants tear it down

And I have heard the queen confess
To lie-smith in his haggard dress
The oversight with such finesse
That he, but for his lover’s faith, would drown

For I have seen my brother-lord
In love give up his flaming sword
To be the god the World adored
For “Now” must be the only time he knows

And I will see that weapon’s might
As flame and Fire’s hand unite
To kill my sister-heart’s delight
Yet Fire in turn is smothered as he goes

For I once knew my lover lost
For wisdom mad the line he crossed
Who knew the price and paid the cost
To see beyond the walls of will and wyrd

And I must find my love once more
Among the fallen dead before
The Shifter starts the final war
Or I will face alone the fate I feared

This World you raise for sacrifice
A gamble on your faithless dice
That you may best the fire and ice
To make a better world from ash and bone

This World that glows with sacred life
My people’s kings would take to wife
This World you bend beneath your strife
This World you break is not a World you own

But I my people’s peace would lead
To fickle fate our rights concede
That we would slow Her deathly bleed
Forstalling the inevitable end

For though we balance life and land
For gods and men and nature’s hand
Their will to war we had not planned
And so our will to theirs we’re forced to blend

So now I hold back blinding tears
Of gold and amber through the years
And all I’ve lost has fed my fears
That all we gained will only feed the flame

And now I fight to keep the Green
From shadows only barely seen
Our last and unrelenting Queen
The Vanadis all Midgard to reclaim!

Deconstructing Brisingamen

Deconstructing the Brisingamen Myth

I thought I had posted this but a friend sent it to me and I could not find that I had.  I fair article on Freya.

Hail Freya!

Mead for the Morrigan – An example of deity relationship

Mead For The Morrigan

A friend sent me this and it impressed me a bit.  While I am a Norse Heathen, I have a rather odd relationship with the Morrigan that I will only partially discuss in a public forum.  The easiest explanation is that while I am not a worshipper of hers directly, I tend to attract those who do.

My closest equivalent to this would be Freya, who I also see as tied to issues like sovereignty.  I never hear her directly but her presence has been in my life for years.

Anyway, Hail to both and remember the darker sides of the goddesses in our lives.

Freyja and the Valkyries

So, in case you were thinking Freyja is tied to the Valkyries, here is a good note to fix that misconception:

Wyrd Designs – Correcting Common Misperceptions – Freyja & the Valkyrie

She DOES get half of the slain as part of a deal with Odin but that doesn’t mean she is out grabbing them or working for Odin.  Her own Agency is rather critical in several of the stories.

Another article on the same subject:

Heathen Paths of the Dead

Having done a lot of physical prayer to Hermod recently, this was a worthwhile read:


Ranting Recon: The Many Paths of the Dead

2014 Paper on Berserkir

The work is long but potentially useful and sees the word “berserkir” as more akin to “champion” and the methods being battle preparation and intimidation rather than actual frenzy.