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Hail to the Wisdom of our Ancestors

Healing what modern drugs could not.  Not all things past are useless and history has a value.

Also, Hail Eir!

Religious Freedom laws

My religion demands that women be treated with respect and that I honor and support my friends and family, whoever they are and whatever someone else thinks of them.

I will defend MY religious freedoms too.

Indiana’s recent law

I think the law was grotesquely stupid and likely a threat to far more than my gay friends but I also look forward to them suffering many unintended consequences.

UPDATE: A friend who had done more research felt that the above link was weak.  Here are others:

Anger and Rage are necessary, Hate is not

I curse the Austrian Psychotic House Painter for giving this a language and Himmler for misunderstanding our symbols enough to make it look like our beliefs would justify such things.

Remember that Hospitality is often our highest virtue and that Jews, Muslims and many others are ultimately our guests.  Our ancestors took that responsibility seriously.

Facets of Freya Ritual, script

So, you will have to follow the attached links but this is a ritual done to honor different aspects of Freya. Few people relate to deity in the same way and it is useful to know the different ways people see Her.

Silver and Gold

So, I might have mentioned at some point that I spearheaded a ritual called the “Facets of Freya Devotional”, which our informal group of Freyaswomen presented at PCon this year. I’ve been just a tad obsessed with this concept (and the resultant ritual) since my initiation with Freya back in October 2013. To be here at the end of the process, writing up how it went and posting the ritual, is kind of surreal, to put it mildly. Now that it’s over and everything went smashingly, I can finally exhale. (I’ll post about my experience and impressions of how it went later, I think. Still digesting.)

The group enthusiastically agreed that I should post the ritual in its entirety up on the blog. You find find the outline here and the full version (with monologues and guided meditation) here. We’re all very proud of it. (Feel free to use…

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