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Possible Warrior Gene in Finnish prison study

Note that the study is controversial and the article lists at least one dissenting scientific position.

A Theological Glossary

Useful information.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Here are the definitions of the various Theisms and related technical terms as I understand them, with links to for comparison, when available. Some of these refer to specific movements historically (or at least, they started there), whereas others refer to more general concepts that occur throughout the world. Some of them may be also used as identity labels. The definitions as I give them below describe the concepts themselves, rather than describing people, or experiences.

Theism – Belief in divinity, i.e. God.

Deism – a Rationalist belief in divinity exclusive of the supernatural. i.e. God as First Cause, that which prompted the Big Bang and defined the natural laws of the Universe, but does not intervene outside of those laws.

Atheism – Not believing in divinity, or, more strenuously, a belief that there is no divinity.

Nontheistic – Not involving belief in divinity one way or the other…

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Thoughts on Duty – Not all who resonate are Warriors

“If, in time of peace, our museums and art galleries are important to the community, in time of war they are doubly valuable. For then, when the petty and the trivial fall way and we are face to face with final and lasting values, we… must summon to our defense all our intellectual and spiritual resources. We must guard jealously all we have inherited from a long past, all we are capable of creating in a trying present, and all we are determined to preserve in a foreseeable future. Art is the imperishable and dynamic expression of these aims. It is, and always has been, the visible evidence of the activity of free minds.”

Paul Sachs

Heathenry forgets sometimes that warriorship is not the only way to make a difference. This was written by an art museum director facing the possible invasion of his country. At the time, no one knew for certain what would follow.

Training out of Fight or Flight

The article is a longer one on sword training but is more interesting for this blog because of the Flight/Flight references.

Most significantly:

When the threat response of the brain is activated, oxygen and glucose are rerouted to the brain’s basic survival functions. Studies have shown that while this can lead to quick reactions, it impairs analytic thinking, creative insight, and problem solving–all key qualities for dealing with an opponent.

Threats and hatred against women online

Someone I know posted this about fears for violence against his daughter:

It turns out to tie, scarily, to this:

As, that person is apparently the “Weev” mentioned in the first post and connected to threats against women.

How we act online reflects who we are as a person.  Watch those you know and treat boors and angry men appropriately.  Make it clear that their actions will not be tolerated. People WILL judge you by the company you keep.  Sadly, we sometimes get tarred.  We should act to exclude those who might one day threaten our daughters.  How can we be good fathers if we do not?

A poem for Tyr regarding Fenris

Sourced from:

I agree that there are seven things that bind Fenrir, for Tyr’s sacrifice was the last.  Justice is something to be remembered.  Honor binds Knowledge and Fury.


by Michaela Macha

This giant wolf, he still was pup to me;
I’d throw a stick and he would fetch a tree.
The others feared his hunger deep and raw,
while I in play would often grasp his maw.

A different sort of game I came to play:
For safety’s sake his trust I should betray,
not for what he had done, but he might do;
and for his freedom pledged my hand in lieu.

That part of me he’d keep, if nothing more;
like him, in years to come I’d miss it sore.
Six things that cannot be
wrapped him in chains;
the seventh, justice, unmentioned remains.

My choice was clear,
with all the worlds at stake:
That bond, as it tied him, made ours break.

This work by Michaela Macha is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.

Faith/Path as a matter of identity

I think this ties well to my previous post and my feelings there.  Heathenry IS part of my identity.  It is one reason that I make an effort to talk to Muslims more.  I understand what it is to be hated and misjudged.

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