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An Article on Asatru and Heathenry

I do separate the terms.  I would not agree with some of the disparaging comments but stopped using Asatru some years back.

One True Troll on the Internet — mainer74

Grimm Mordingi was a troll. Living under the Sun Death of Sunna, for him to be touched by the sun was to die and crumble into naught but gravel and rock. It was perhaps not the most enjoyable existence in the world but Grimm admitted that never aging, having skin that ignored most of the […]

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Women in Heathenry — mainer74

Women In Heathenry You know, I thought we were getting it right. OK, for all of those who like to talk to me about white privilege, I will freely acknowledge I know nothing about growing up anything else, of course they know jack sh*t except fairy tales about my life either so we will leave […]

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Honoring the women in our lives is critical.  Hail Freyja!