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On Punching Nazis

This one is not going to have a strong conclusion but, instead, tie in a lot of articles and history even I was unaware of.  It starts here:

He was actually punched a second time but that only has still shots.

Then to arguments over ethics:

And here:

Even Heathens have commented:

But, this morning, I saw this:

In the end, there has been almost a shadow war going on for a long time that is now coming to a head as fascists and white supremacists have come out of the shadows under the current administration.  I think everyone has to make their own determination as to the actions they take BUT that we as heathens CAN educate others on white supremacy.  We have had to look it in the eye more than some.

Article on Symbols of the Alt-Right

As I have encountered a lot of ignorance of the Alt-Right/White Supremacist movements, I find this a good start.  I didn’t know about the moon one myself.

Also always to remember:  88, 18 and 1488

In addition, I had a friend only this week encounter a motorcycle gang member with Nazi affiliation so watch for that too.

A timely reflection

Not my path, but worthy of consideration nevertheless.

Returning to Activism

I wrote about activists here:

But, I wanted to return to this from a different point of view.  This is an article on how to keep going in activism when things are overwhelming, as they are in the current climate.

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It focuses on Trump, but the generic advice would be:

  1. Step away when you have to
  2. Focus on a few issues.  You can’t do everything
  3. Have Fun with what you do
  4. Take care of yourself.  A line from Ludlum: “Sleep. Rest is a weapon.”

I will write more later about what I want to do, but these are good things to be aware of.


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Other thoughts on Heathenry in

Many of us struggle with the current political situation.  Here is a writer with thoughts on that:

Being Heathen

We took an insult hurled at us by Christians, and claimed it for our own.   Noun derogatory noun: heathen; plural noun: heathens 1. a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (espe…

Source: Being Heathen


As always, well spoken.