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Rage, Lethality and regret

Prompted by this article:

Also covered in this book (Death of Paret, Norman Mailer) although the writer did not know he was gay at the time or did not report that fact.

An excerpt from Mailer:

Yes, the referee might have stopped things sooner (The counter is that it was all too fast).  Yes, we know better now about not only how we manage fights but also how to accept our fellow human being.  Emile Griffith’s anger, rejection and fear killed the man who insulted him.  That is a tragedy.  In whatever we we can, we should remember we should stop that from happening in the future.

The Kim Davis types of the world would see more of this.  I would see less. Yes, it is a different time but there are places in the world where gay men can be put to death.  If you think being a religious minority makes you less of a target, you are a fool.  And what do you do when a member of your kindred, family or friends turns out to be LGBT.  Then, it is personal.  I suggest you think about that.

NOTE: The lethal blows occurred in Round 12 and were very fast.  It is contested how much rage Griffith could have left by then.  However, Mailer’s account strongly believes there was still anger.

The Kim Davis Situation

I have generally avoided politics on this blog as the primary focus is intended to the heathenry and anger but every once in a while something comes up.  In this case, it is a clerk in Kentucky who is oathbound to enforce the law and refusing to do so.

If one has taken an oath to serve the law, one has two choices if one cannot perform their duties:

1) Resign

2) Accept the sanctions of society (prison, fines, et cetera)

But, more significantly to heathens, she has broken the oath she took.  While we do not believe in sin, we do take oaths very seriously and don’t assume duty to the Gods forgives an oath.  Therefore, I see no reason anyone on a Northern path would be sympathetic to her self created plight.

If you are actually worried about threats to religious liberty, read this:

If you have fallen for the “sanctuary city” conspiracy theory, read this:

An article on re-enchanting the world

I saw this through a friend’s blog and do like some of the advice given here:

I want to do a longer post tying to some of my previous writings about devotional heathenry, UPG and other things but that can wait until there is time.  In the meantime, read John Beckett’s writing on the subject.

The fundamentalists will not distinguish

They will just kill or disenfranchise.  Worrying about WHICH sub-faith you are will not help you.  They do not see a distinction.

Another article on abuse – It’s complicated

While Cracked is hardly a scholarly site, the article is worth reading.  Abuse and relationships are more complex than we often perceive.

#4 is especially important

Also, for men, this DOES happen to you too. You have been taught mantras like: “Sticks and Stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  Words from someone you love can rip you apart and you think you are immune.  This is a false assumption.

Anger and rage can also be used to manipulate a good man.  In this way, it is much like boxing. If they can enrage you, you will lose AND you may also forget things.  Then you can lose more.