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Honoring Our Dead Means Acknowledging War’s Truths

I have been busy and unable to post about Memorial Day but I have spent time this week with dead and dying and thought this a good reminder.

Anyone who has watched an A-10 cannon spray an area KNOWS in their bones that war is not romantic, even if no one was beneath that GAU-8. Remember our fallen and think long and hard about the price before asking for war.

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It’s Memorial Day here in the United States.

In the resort town I live in, that means a return of the tourists (and their money), and the true beginning of summer. But of course, Memorial Day is about much more than the local supermarket going to longer hours, or a day off for school kids and bankers.

Memorial Day was created out of “Decoration Day,” during which people cleaned up and decorated military graves in a ritual that is almost pagan in nature. Unfortunately in my view, the 1968 move from observing Memorial Day on May 30th to doing so on “the last Monday in May” in order to create a three-day weekend may have done much to undermine the occasions traditional meaning.

As a shaman whose work includes the Dead, and for me specifically, the wandering Dead, I’m saddened at the diminishing of the day’s meaning. To be clear…

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4 (Real) Reasons Heathens Hate Lokeans: By a Lokean

So, I am not a Lokean by any stretch, although I know a number. You may wonder why I would reblog this at all on this forum. Well, it is the word “Hate”. Hatred and Anger are strongly intertwined and Anger mishandled can become Hate. So, I can tell you that many Lokeans I know are just folks like the rest of us who see something in the various lessons of Loki. Most have been very hospitable and treated me well. So, look inwards and see if that anger and defensiveness isn’t a flaw in yourself that you should be addressing.

The Past is Not Gone

We owe much to those who went before us, be it Blood, Spirit or Thought.

Drinking From the Cup of Life

There’s a popular New Age aphorism: we create that into which we put our energy. It’s generally understood to mean that we get what we focus on, that if we spend our time and energy on what we desire, the universe will manifest it. The same thing happens with what we fear.  It’s meant as encouragement, as a reminder that we can get what we want out of life, as long as we keep focused and stay positive.

It’s also bullshit.

Self-improvement gurus sell it under the name “The Law of Attraction.” The self righteous imply that it explains why the poor are poor and the sick are sick.

The reason it’s bullshit is that it’s a vast oversimplification of a complex phenomenon. We are co-authors of our realities, that much is true, but it’s not a matter of simple intent, or focus of imagination.

Our actions shape the world…

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A good overview of berserkergang as ecstatic technique.  I make no claims regarding best methods or even if pursuing such a thing is a good idea for most as I honestly believe that it is not.  However, I think research can show that it is a part of the human condition.