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Blog Change – Politics

This has traditionally been a non-political blog.  That ends for now.

Trump Taps Reince Priebus for Chief of Staff, Stephen Bannon as Senior Counselor

Stephen Bannon is not fit to be a member of the government.

There is hope in a fatalistic path

Remember Darkness

Remember Hatred

Remember Fear

Protect those you Love

Watch out for those they will come for next

Remember your Oaths

Remember your Honor

Resist where you Can

Show Courage in the Maw of Fenrir

Sometimes, it is all we have.


NOTE: It is a great time to be a Stoic, fatalistic Norse heathen. Civil war and strife it is. I will teach my child to box tonight at their request and am prepared to lose friends, hide and fight as needed. It is terrifying but oddly freeing.

Heimdall, help me to keep the Watch in the Darkest of Times

Hermod, remind of the strength to Ride on the Darkest of Roads

Freya, teach me how to show Courage and Hospitality when it is very hard.