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Silence or Violence: Logan, Suicide, and the Culture of Masculine Silence

Thoughts and commentary on suicide and toxic masculinity.

Satyros Phil Brucato

Our friend Logan killed himself today. I wish we had known how badly he was hurting. We just spent most of this past weekend with him, and had no idea things were nearly this bad. If we had known, maybe we could have helped. But maybe not. These things don’t come from nowhere.

Logan MastersonLogan Masterson, author, friend, R.I.P.

It’s kind of a no-shit thing to say in hindsight that Logan had struggled with depression. Thing is, many people do, and never take their pain as far as this. It’s also kind of a no-shit statement to say that I wish I had known he was hurting so badly. And the problem is, he did what so many people – men especially – do: He played the Strong Silent Type until it killed him.

And when he finally did reach out, hours before the end, he got smacked in the face…

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Bejeweled Devotion that Glimmers Gold

Recently Jennifer Lawrence (not the actress) shared an absolutely, strikingly, lovely sentiment on devotion which inspired me to make this. Art by Toherrys

Source: Bejeweled Devotion that Glimmers Gold


Words well said.  Hail Freya!

Ties to GOP lead and White Supremacy

Trump Volunteers on PBS News Story Prominently Display Neo-Nazi Tattoos

Please remember that 88 and 18 on a white person are likely not a good sign, although I had not seen a Celtic cross used that way.  Sadly, the film shows several of them wearing Thor’s Hammers.

The Economist actually lists such a presidency as a global risk:

I hate that heathens have to even pay attention to these things but I see no choice, especially this year.

I am sorry, then there is this:


I have avoided Nazi references but this does look like brown shirts.

Heathen Paths of the Dead

Having done a lot of physical prayer to Hermod recently, this was a worthwhile read:


Ranting Recon: The Many Paths of the Dead