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Notes on the KKK

While I do not see the KKK as a direct Heathen issues, White Nationalists are often connected to some of our darker groups.

Not Healing, Remodeling. Heathen Community in a therapeutic context

Not Healing, Remodeling.  Heathen Community in a therapeutic context   The Heathen community can be a really powerful tool for healing emotional and physical wounds, but it is not a tool that …

Source: Not Healing, Remodeling. Heathen Community in a therapeutic context

Beautiful, as always. It is the kind of safety that will “respect you in the morning” after you have been seen to be a bit broken. The kind of safety and support that helps you stand back up after you have been hit. We survive as communities but it does not absolve us from hard work. Well said again sir.

It is a community of people who care about you but see your scars and do not walk away that matters.  Mainer74 has also written on ordeal and that has a similar component.  Without a community, we do not have the tools to heal or remodel.  Those people who will stand with you when you are broken and need to be reforged, as we sometimes do.

We are often made of brittle steel and softer iron and need to be pattern welded anew.  To do this takes more than just yourself, even if the other person is just working the bellows.


Heathenry and Mental Illness

Especially the end:

That’s why it is so especially heinous to see these people being berated and belittled by those who should be their source of strength and inspiration. These people mustered up the strength of will to face the world, and then the courage to ask for help from their fellows, only to be called weak by the very thing that should be helping them to carry on. When we see those among our community asking for help, the last thing they need to hear is ‘Get over it’.

The proper answer is right there in our own tradition. 

“You are wanted, you are needed, and you are accepted as you are.”

The Year of Rage

Nice to see data backing up perception.  I not sure I have an answer outside our little Heathen and Northern Tradition area but do try to pay attention and be aware of things and speak out against hatred where you can.  It does us no long term good as a spiritual path.

Hunting Trolls

Not a source I would normally cite but, well done sir.  Most of these people are cowards behind keyboards, possibly living in their mother’s basements.

We do NOT have to tolerate this.  Whether to young girls or to our friends.  The internet makes this too easy and I have friends and co-religionists who have been threatened.  The threat is much greater when you are public, as I am not. The only time I was threatened, I finally realized the individual had no actual means to harm me and I have ignored him. Not everyone can do that.

Also, we need to push police to do more about such people.

The Problems Facing Heathenry:

Source: The Problems Facing Heathenry:

Do I see a solution.  Yes.  Grow up.

As always, brilliantly said.  Live a great example that you would hope others might follow, rather than screaming at others.  Be the actions you see as needed.