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Two men and hippopotami

An article that has nothing to do with my normal topics but is a fascinating historical look at two men connected through their lives by war, intrigue and the hippopotamus.


It is a story I had never heard that is, nevertheless, fascinating.

Mass Murder and Men


The article is a bit too vague for my tastes but raises a point I have made elsewhere.  These attacks are mostly made by men choosing lethal means to express dominance and rage.  At some point, men (and those in their lives) need to accept this and find better answers.

Your ego CANNOT be so fragile that you think striking or killing someone for a slight is acceptable.

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”


We have been taught forms of masculinity that lead to violent existential crises. That has to stop.  No, that will not fix everything.  It will fix some things.

It also ties back to this: https://facingthefireswithin.wordpress.com/2016/06/15/how-a-record-of-abuse-might-point-further/

Masculinity, anger and shootings

There are a number of reasons for shootings in the USA but here is a factor not talked as much about:


Find ways to get men to talk and give them excuses when needed.

The unsung journeyman

We remember the famous and the flashy ones in life, not the journeyman who goes to work everyday and makes all the rest happen.



While this is specific to boxing, I think it also is an example of one of the lessons of Heimdall and Hermod: Just Keep Going.

That can mean a lot of things and a lot of training to just “do your job”, whatever that may be.

Manhood Series – When Not to Fight

This is the second in a series starting with:


I normally do not post videos but this one seemed appropriate.  Being tough or strong also means being wise and knowing that fighting is often NOT the answer. 

Here is the video:


More than just avoiding a fight, he sees a need and chooses to meet that need.

To me, this is a good example of a wise man or warrior.  Knowing that you can hurt someone does not mean that you should and sometimes it means seeing what good you can do.

Manhood Series – Introduction

A female friend and spiritual sister asked me to write something for men who are struggling with the meaning of manhood. Within a short period of time, two others asked me about similar things and I intend to write a series of posts about manhood in a modern context and some small things I have learned as a man, a heathen and a rage worker; but here is a start.

From your youngest days you were told to “be a man”. Here is the secret that took me MANY years to learn:

You hold your own manhood in your hands and, once you realize that, it cannot be taken away from you. Decide what it means for yourself.

Drink whiskey, or read about flowers

Box, or learn to bun a little girl’s hair

Argue politics, or cry at the beauty of a child’s first performance

Be stoic in the face of trouble, or bury yourself in something completely frivolous

Rage Fiercely, AND Love Deeply

Ignore Shame, it exists as an ancient survival mechanism that likely does not apply to you now.

Remember that YOU decide who you are as a man. Find the examples you want to live and BE them.