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Not Healing, Remodeling. Heathen Community in a therapeutic context

Not Healing, Remodeling.  Heathen Community in a therapeutic context   The Heathen community can be a really powerful tool for healing emotional and physical wounds, but it is not a tool that …

Source: Not Healing, Remodeling. Heathen Community in a therapeutic context

Beautiful, as always. It is the kind of safety that will “respect you in the morning” after you have been seen to be a bit broken. The kind of safety and support that helps you stand back up after you have been hit. We survive as communities but it does not absolve us from hard work. Well said again sir.

It is a community of people who care about you but see your scars and do not walk away that matters.  Mainer74 has also written on ordeal and that has a similar component.  Without a community, we do not have the tools to heal or remodel.  Those people who will stand with you when you are broken and need to be reforged, as we sometimes do.

We are often made of brittle steel and softer iron and need to be pattern welded anew.  To do this takes more than just yourself, even if the other person is just working the bellows.


Truth in Anger

There is Truth in Anger.

There is Veritas in Rage.

Honor that Truth and The Words Said in Burning Haste.

Hear the Voice Deep Inside with Respect.

Some Fires are NOT Hospitable.

I have a practice that involves a sort of physical trance often tied to working a boxing heavy bag (although sometimes running).  In facing several challenges this week, I went into one and a variation of this came to me.

What people say in Anger is a Truth, sometimes one for Activism but sometimes one for Avoidance.  Listen for both.

A quote from Jung that very much applies to this work

A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.

Carl Jung

I have read Jung at some length but never found this quote.  It very much fits my view of Fire work.

Women get to be Angry too

This was prompted by this article: http://panels.net/2015/10/21/superheroes-gender-politics-anger/

Granted, that deals just with geeky TV shows but it makes a larger point.


I am far more likely to work with women on rage and anger issues than men.  While I feel our cultural ways of dealing with anger for both sexes (and those in-between) are terrible and create serious problems, the idea that women aren’t even allowed anger is absurd and ridiculous.

Please stop doing that.

Now I can get back to showing them how to use heavy bags and punching to work through all of that.

Thank you.

The unsung journeyman

We remember the famous and the flashy ones in life, not the journeyman who goes to work everyday and makes all the rest happen.



While this is specific to boxing, I think it also is an example of one of the lessons of Heimdall and Hermod: Just Keep Going.

That can mean a lot of things and a lot of training to just “do your job”, whatever that may be.