Two recent articles on Heathenry/Asatru in The Atlantic

The first deals with recent research about possible Arab script on burial clothes.

While the details are inconclusive, I do think it supports the position that our spiritual ancestors traveled and were rather open minded traders as well as fighters.  I think that is still a good thing.

The second I found more important and interesting:

I had seen references to Frith Forge, although I did not post them here.  I would hope we all look for ways to deal with such things.  I do not know that I have the answers.  I just keep working as I can.

May Hermod guide us on Dark Roads

May Freya remind us of Hospitality

May Heimdall remind us to keep Watch


Savitri Devi – Mystical Fascist

I strive to learn more about White Supremacists and the Alt Right frequently, although I have stepped back a bit from doing it daily.  Hitler as an Avatar of Vishnu was a new concept to me.  Anyway, worth reading to be aware.

Revisiting Ancestors – Part 2

I started this here:

Both ancestors are uncles who served in WW2, one in the Army and one in the 8th Air Force.  Most mornings, I take my safety razor, brush and a large cup with soap gifted to me by a partner with ravens on it and shave one side for each uncle.  I had avoided their stories here, as I have chosen to stay more private but I have decided to share a little.  I chose them as they both fought the Nazis and, today, we face Facists in our own country and some even read this blog.  Here is a brief description of one:

  My one uncle who served in the 8th Air Force on a B-17  as a radio man. He was a teetotaler and turned down the scotch they gave them for the intelligence briefings and passed it to someone else. “And then we flew over Berlin…” He drank whiskey from that day forward and I got to introduce him to better scotch choices later in life. He was also a very gentle man and a great father to two daughters.
Remembering him and my other uncle as ones who stood when they must, helps center me.   There is another practice I am doing for that, but that will be another post.

The history of Antifa

I spent a lot of time talking about Neo Nazis in the last 18 months but not as much on their opposition.  Here is an article that discusses that.  I have not participated with any antifa groups but I do have a friend or two in them.  The article does not get very deeply into their online work but you can likely find videos on YouTube.

Another great post from Mainer – Calling out Cowards

Calling out the Cowards You know, the inside of my head is a strange place sometimes, I do understand that. I am a thoroughly modern man who is deeply and passionately committed to the progress both of our science, and our society. There is no arguing the fact that the bedrock of my essence […]

via On women, gays, immigrants and others who dared to succeed; calling out the cowards. — mainer74

Nietzsche, the Alt Right and Nazis

Spencer is not a very intelligent man or a deep thinker.  It is likely worth giving Nietzsche another read.