Beacon Fires and Carrying the Signal

This was inspired by this scene, which I have always loved:

The idea of the Beacon Fire and being part of the signal has appealed to me and the part of me tied to Heimdall for years.  Imagine the long and painful duty waiting for the one day when you light the signal, much like Heimdall and Gjallarhorn.  Such images appeal to me.

Here is an historical reference to Beacon Fires in England, which likely influenced Tolkein:

Now, where am I going?  To be part of a signal system takes preparation, dedication and possibly training.  You have to be ready to be called when the time comes.  This could for all sorts of reasons:

Watching for Abuse

Neighborhood Watch

Chaperoning Kids

Acting as a Security

I like the metaphor and the mission of it.  Something to meditate on.



No, they do NOT want to just be left alone


Heathen words on Rape (without further comment)

If you want to begin your not all men rant now, I suggest you either read this all the way through, or don’t bother commenting. 1. Within the gates | ere a man shall go, (Full warily let him watch,) Full long let him look about him; For little he knows | where a […]

via Rape — mainer74

Back to philosophy – Camus and Epictetus

Drinking coffee is not a blasé choice, but an affirmation that life is worth living

A dark subject, suicide and coffee.

Sent to me by a friend with this note: “Saw this and thought of you.  The most interesting stoic I know.”

Whether I am that interesting aside, it is an interesting article which they sent me during my meditations.  At the same time, another sent a note that ended with: “Winter sucks.”

I replied with: “But, winter lets me wear my arctic parka!” (I have a historical interest in arctic and antarctic things and even had a friend at McMurdo recently.)

Life is often what we make of it.  Find the positive in the darkness you face and keep going, whether it is coffee, parkas or something else.

Be well.

Neo-Nazis and Twitter

Really more about an attempt to fight them and Twitter supporting them.

Update on Alt Right and the Web

The days of the mimeograph are long over.  Founding a Hate Web is difficult.


Andrew Anglin – The Making of an American Nazi

A very detailed account of someone who has done a lot of harm.

I was struck, in particular, by his cowardice and by the continued support of his family.  Arguably, they have allowed him to continue the way he has.  Many of these men are not strong people.  Nor brave.