Reinactment and Hate

Based on recent issues in the SCA with swastikas and “HH”, I did a search for an article and found this.

A friend of mine, formerly in the SCA, mentioned the specific details, which are mostly on Facebook sadly.  However, if you are part of any related community, it is something to be aware.


3 responses to “Reinactment and Hate”

  1. Sparkle Puca says :

    Ugh, yeah, this came up in the TAC group. Pulled a lot of suspicious people out of the woodwork who took issue with the idea this (thankfully now) ex-king was dogwhistling to racists, which just ended up proving the point.

  2. aeddubh says :

    XPI recently adopted a code of conduct which forbids conduct, actions, or speech that constitute harassment, intimidation, or other abuse; it also forbids membership in or support of hate groups. All participants must sign the code of conduct; violation of that clause in particular results in loss of membership and ejection from game.

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