Back to philosophy – Camus and Epictetus

Drinking coffee is not a blasé choice, but an affirmation that life is worth living

A dark subject, suicide and coffee.

Sent to me by a friend with this note: “Saw this and thought of you.  The most interesting stoic I know.”

Whether I am that interesting aside, it is an interesting article which they sent me during my meditations.  At the same time, another sent a note that ended with: “Winter sucks.”

I replied with: “But, winter lets me wear my arctic parka!” (I have a historical interest in arctic and antarctic things and even had a friend at McMurdo recently.)

Life is often what we make of it.  Find the positive in the darkness you face and keep going, whether it is coffee, parkas or something else.

Be well.


One response to “Back to philosophy – Camus and Epictetus”

  1. aeddubh says :

    I get the ambivalence about winter. Good clothes and I prefer too cold to too hot, but too much darkness and S. is unhappy…

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