Odin as the Villain of the Thor movies


Obviously, Marvel movies are, at best, only loosely based on actual Norse myth and writings.  Kirby and Lee did some minimal research at the time (although they did read sources) and then did what worked for their stories.  Still, we have to accept that the films are what a lot of people will think of.  They are flawed in many ways, leaving out Frey, Freya and others (as do the comics) and we have to remember that Marvel really made the gods out to be aliens more than anything else.  Remember that in the comics and the movies, relationships are very different and there is a strong science fiction context.

However, Odin is often shown as conniving and playing a long game, so it is an interesting observation on several levels.  One can look at Odin as engaging in a self fulfilling prophecy in a number of ways and this version does that.  Granted, I don’t know how much of that was envisioned when the films started and how much was a matter of the last film tying it together.

At a minimum, we should be aware of the film stories when new people come to us.

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One response to “Odin as the Villain of the Thor movies”

  1. Scott Mohnkern says :

    Sitting in the theater now waiting for it to start

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