How the Alt-Right and our beliefs tie to popular culture

We live in a time where extremists are defining our positions for us and our popular culture is a battleground in ways I cannot remember.  It is my hope that we can, soon, put some of these “demons” to rest but the future is uncertain.  I have to sadly agree with the author that I examine the beliefs and statements of forthright Odinists (and especially Wotanists) with careful attention.

Watch for those complaining about Valkyrie and Heimdall in the film.  They are the easy tells.

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7 responses to “How the Alt-Right and our beliefs tie to popular culture”

  1. heathenembers says :

    That was a really interesting article, thanks. The writer is definitely stuck in a monotheistic paradigm of “god”, and doesn’t understand polytheism at all, which is fair enough if they have only done enough research to write this article. But that aside, it was quite balanced and intelligently written I thought.

  2. Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

    “Watch out for people complaining about Heimdall and Valkyrie being race changed, (because they’re racist!).”

    Because wanting things to stay true to the cannon is obviously racist, wanting characters you care about to be portrayed accurately is racist, and complaining about blatant race swapping with the explicit goal of pissing off “racists” also clearly means you’re racist. Because you’re pissed off, and the only reason to be pissed off is racism, and there is absolutely no reason what so ever otherwise that one might be pissed off.

    Any comment on how one should view people who complain about white-washing while you’re at it?

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      I would argue that you have covered your side’s position well. I would merely say that the movies are based on Marvel comics and not Norse mythology. I am quite happy with Idris Elba’s “Heimdall as Resistance Leader” in this time but I have loved his portrayals from the beginning. (I had not seen the movie when I made the post, so I made no such comment.)

      By canon, do you mean Marvel comics or mythology? If the former, Marvel has the right to change things for new audiences. If the latter, race is a much more modern concept than the myths themselves. I would research the history of the Portuguese and their creation of black slavery as a concept.

      • Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

        I’ll address the Hela thing first since it ties into the other.

        Am I happy with the changes to Hela? No. Do I wish they had kept it accurate to the comics? Yes. Do I wish they had even gone so far as to keep it accurate to the mythology? Yes. Do I understand why they did the changes they did?


        They wanted Hela to present a real, credible, physical threat to Thor. Hela, in the not that. She is a grave magical threat, she is a power unto Odin, but what she is in the Comics is very different from what she is in the movie, and they made the changes they did because of what they needed, while still keeping true to the look, and some degrees the feel, of the character. Even making her the daughter of Odin, rather than Loki, was for this effect. Do I wish we could have gotten a much more accurate Hela story? Yes, but I also wish we could have gotten Skurge’s story more accurately as well (even if they did homage it a bit in the film).

        But here is the key difference between their changes to Hela, and the race change to Heimdall and Valkyrie. There was no Malicious Intent.

        See, the changes to Hela were based on the rule of cool and the needs of the story. The changes to Heimdall and Valkyrie, on the other hand have been made expressly clear through countless article and interviews that a large reason for their changes was “racists btfo” and “we can’t let white supremacists have Norse mythology!!!!”

        No where has it even been hinted that Hela’s changes were designed to “heathens btfo” and “look at the mad widdle Asatruar screaming we changed their goddess!” And certainly there has been no “if you complain about the changes to Hela’s powers you’re a white supremacist racist who needs to go.” Hel, if that article you linked is anything to go by, Hela is now a symbol of white supremacy because she “Wants to Make Asgard Great Again,” and embrace the true history of Asgardian Imperialism rather than a watered down, autocratic Asgardian Union that erases its history based on the feelings of non-Asgardians and censors its population from talking about its history because “muh violent supremacy.” At which point, apparently, #HelaDidNothingWrong, #WeMustSecureTheExistenceOfOurPeopleAndAFutureForAsgardianChildren, #HailHela

        Your article manages to do more disrespect to Hela than any changes the Thor movie made. The fact that hilarity can ensue from such disrespect is about the only thing going into an absolute rage. Hel, a lot of hilarity can absolutely ensue because of this “Hela is an Asgardian Supremacist and a figure for the Alt-Right,” and I’m very, very tempted to run with it for the shits and giggles as a slap back for the malice that has invaded my god damn comicbook movies. In attempting to “racists btfo” you may have done the equivalent of all those people screaming that posters saying “it’s okay to be white” are hate crimes and blatant white supremacy.


    • facingthefireswithin says :

      Also, I would have thought you would be equally upset with Hel/Hela’s presentation.

  3. aeddubh says :

    One thing the author missed, as do lot of people… Thor *is* a protector of the downtrodden… he was the most beloved god of the common folk in the Norse Pagan realm. So it’s not a recasting at all…

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