Savitri Devi – Mystical Fascist

I strive to learn more about White Supremacists and the Alt Right frequently, although I have stepped back a bit from doing it daily.  Hitler as an Avatar of Vishnu was a new concept to me.  Anyway, worth reading to be aware.


One response to “Savitri Devi – Mystical Fascist”

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says :

    Don’t you think you should perhaps read some of her actual works instead of taking a BBC article – out of context – as gospel?

    Here’s a link to the scope of her works.

    I personally have read only a little of her vast body of work, and that was many years ago. However, if you read actual history, you would know that Hinduism (Vedic spirituality) is in fact a living ancestor to heathenry and the Vedas contain some of the earliest threads that later became the Norse, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic myths as well as Irish myths. So I don’t think she was off base by conflating the two at all.

    If you agree that she was a fascist supporting fascism it begs the question: what are you defining as fascism? If by that you mean as a political ideology and system that puts nationalism first, and the needs of the citizens above outside interests (whatever they may be) then yes, she was indeed a fascist. If by fascist you mean totalitarian dictator, then no. That would be end stage socialism which leads to communism which is anathema to fascism.

    I think many of her conclusions, just remembering how I thought about what I read years ago, were wacky, for lack of a better term at this late hour. But I don’t think she was completely wrong. To me it’s like ferreting out where Saxo Grammaticus was telling truths about the Danes and where he was parroting biased reports designed to make the Pagan Danes look bad. Or like trying to get to the thread of truth in Madam Blavatsky’s works.

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