Another great post from Mainer – Calling out Cowards

Calling out the Cowards You know, the inside of my head is a strange place sometimes, I do understand that. I am a thoroughly modern man who is deeply and passionately committed to the progress both of our science, and our society. There is no arguing the fact that the bedrock of my essence […]

via On women, gays, immigrants and others who dared to succeed; calling out the cowards. — mainer74

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3 responses to “Another great post from Mainer – Calling out Cowards”

  1. aeddubh says :

    In general, a good post. I wish he’d done a better job with parsing out the difference between fear and cowardice. He gets to it later in the post but it’s a little muddled.

    There is no shame in having fear, even irrational ones. I’m beset by all manner of irrational fears and anxieties. But I face them, or at least acknowledge them and struggle to make sure that my actions aren’t affected by the irrational ones.

    I think a similar message is in his post, but he kind of buries the lede on it.

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      Hmm. John is an ex-military combat vet and follower of Odin. I think that is typical of his style. He is not always writing to reach others, even though he clearly does. I may just be used to reading him and the style.

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